Can I get just the associates, not the bachelor’s?

No. The AAS is a stepping stone to the BS degree. Students accepted into the program will be automatically matriculated into the BS program after successful completion of the 3rd semester of core respiratory therapy courses. In order to sit for the Board Exams (NBRC Therapist Multiple Choice Exam and Clinical Simulation Exam), students must complete the BS portion of the program.

What does a respiratory therapist really do?

A Respiratory Therapist cares for patients ranging from neonate to geriatric. We work with patients who are having trouble breathing or have heart problems and typically do the following on a day to day basis:

  • Assess patients
  • Consult with physicians and registered nurses to develop treatment plans
  • Perform diagnostic tests such as pulmonary function testing, arterial blood gas analysis, and electrocardiograms
  • Treat patients using a variety of respiratory therapy adjuncts including aerosol medication delivery, chest physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, and mechanical ventilation to name a few
  • Monitor and records the progress of treatment
  • Provide patient education
  • Integral part of the rapid response team, code team, high risk delivery team, and stroke response team

What are the prerequisites?

You can view all prerequisites on our prerequisites page.

How do I apply?

Applications are available at our admissions page and are submitted electronically during the following time frames:
SPRING Application: opens 3rd Monday in August – closes 3rd Friday in September.

Fill out the online Respiratory Therapy application form completely and submit it. No changes can be made to an application once it is submitted. If any changes need to be made, a new application will need to be created and submitted.

Why do I need my general education done before applying?

The Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) is an intensive 5 semester program made up of core respiratory courses. Students will take between 13 and 16 credits each semester (while also doing clinical rotations) and will have very little (if any) time for general education courses.

How do I submit my TEAS test results?

Submit the results page only of the TEAS test by saving the results page to your computer and uploading it to the application.

What if I am a transfer student?

If you are a transfer student, submit official transcripts to UVU Admissions Office at least 3 weeks prior to end of application deadline. If your grades are not articulated and in the UVU Banner System by the application deadline, you are not eligible for that application period.

What is the average accepted GPA?


What if English is my second language?

Upload TOEFL results to the application if English is your second language.

Student Handbooks


The UVU Respiratory Therapy handbooks contain direction for both the classroom and clinical experiences. Please read and be familiar with the information provided. All Respiratory Therapy students are held accountable to the standards listed in each handbook.

Professional Organizations

Please explore the selected professional organizations provided on this page. They offer valuable information regarding board exams, professional growth, continuing education, advocacy, networking, and current research in respiratory care.