Autism Certificate Program (ACP)
Starting Fall 2014

The Autism Studies Certificate of Proficiency is a five-course sequence being offered in the Behavioral Sciences department. The courses start with a basic understanding of autism and move through early intervention, educational options, and lifespan interventions. The final fieldwork course requires hands on work with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

The five course sequence is:

Number Course Title
Course I SW 2500 Understanding Autism (prerequisite)
Course II SW 3810 Autism across the Lifespan: Infants and Children
Course III SW 3820 Autism across the Lifespan: Teens and Adults
Course IV SW 3850 Autism Assessment and Treatment
Course V SW 482R Fieldwork/Seminar

Students interested in the Autism Certificate Program should go here to find out which advisor to contact.

For further information please contact Dr. Teresa Cardon at 801.863.5517 or