Names and personal Pronouns

For inclusion on your syllabus:

In this classroom, we will respect and refer to people using the names and personal pronouns that they share. Visit to learn more.  

Inclusion Committee Members

Adrienne Winans (chair)

Dustin Jansen

Kaye Fugal

Sara Lafkas

Walter S. Temple

Brett Breton

Natalie Shelley

Jessica Pauly

Deb Thornton

Elijah Nielson

Inclusion Awards and Grants

 Awards and Grants Information

CHSS Inclusion Facts

2017-18 data on FOI’s 

  • Participated in at least one FOI workshops (11)
  • Completed at least four of the FOI workshops (7)
  • Completed Level II of the FOI workshops (5)
  • Completed all eight of the FOI workshops (3)
  • Completed Level III of the FOI workshops (6)


Global/Intercultural classes 2017-2018

    • 47 courses
    • 138 sections

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Foundations of Inclusion workshops