Minor & Integrated Studies Emphasis Available

Currently, UVU offers Cinema Studies as either a minor or an Integrated Studies (IS) emphasis. 
The degree requirements for these program are listed below:

Matriculation Requirements:

Completion of 30 hours of credit at UVU. Admittance into any B.S. or B.A. program for the minor. Admittance into Integrated Studies B.S. or B.A. for the IS emphasis.

Discipline Core Requirements -- Credits: 9.0
Complete the following courses:

CINE/ENGL 2150 Critical Introduction to Cinema Studies (3.0)

THEA 2311 Film History I (3.0)
THEA 2312 Film History II (3.0)

CINE/ENGL 3150 Film Theory (3.0)

Elective Requirements -- Credits: 9.0
In addition to the 9 credit discipline core, students must complete an additional 9 hours of advisor-approved electives. Six (6) of the 9 hours must be upper-division (see advisor for a list of approved electives).