Minor & Integrated Studies Emphasis Available

Currently, UVU offers Classical Studies as either a minor or an Integrated Studies (IS) emphasis. 
The degree requirements for these programs are listed below.

Matriculation Requirements

1) Completion of 30 hours of credit at UVU.
2a) For the minor, admittance into any UVU B.S. or B.A. program.
2b) For the IS emphasis, Admittance into Integrated Studies B.S. or B.A. program.

Discipline Core Requirements (9 credits)
Complete the following courses:

PHIL 2110
Ancient Greek Philosophy (3)


HIST 3110
Greek History (3)


HIST 3130
Roman Republic (3)


HIST 3140
Roman Empire (3)

Elective Requirements (9 credits)
In addition to the 9 credit discipline core, students must complete an additional 9 hours of advisor-approved electives. The following list of courses has been approved for the Classical Studies program. If a course that is not represented on the following list has sufficient Classical Studies related content, the student may seek approval from the Classical Studies Coordinator to have the course count toward the minor.

ANTH 2030
Archeological Method and Theory (3.0)

ARCH 1100
Introduction to Archaeology (3.0)

ARTH 2710
History of Art to the Renaissance (3.0)

ARTH 3020
Classical Art and Architecture History (3.0)

ENGL 2230
Myths and Legends in Literature (3.0)

ENGL 3610
Medieval Literature (3.0)

World Literature (3.0)

HIST 3130
Roman Republic (3.0)

HIST 3140
Roman Empire (3.0)

HONR 2000
Ancient Legacies (3.0)

HUM 2010
World History Through the Arts I (3.0)

HUM 2500
Introduction to Ancient Greek I (6.0)

HUM 2510
Introduction to Ancient Greek II (6.0)

PHIL 2130
Medieval Philosophy (3.0)

Topics in Ancient Philosophy (3.0)

LATN 1010
Beginning Latin I (4.0)

LATN 1020
Beginning Latin II (4.0)

LATN 2010
Intermediate Latin I (4.0)

LATN 2020
Intermediate Latin II (4.0)

LATN 3010
Readings in Latin (3.0)

GRK 1010
Beginning Ancient Greek I (4.0)

GRK 1020
Beginning Ancient Greek II (4.0)

GRK 2010
Intermediate Ancient Greek I (4.0)

GRK 2020
Intermediate Ancient Greek II (4.0)

GRK 3010
Readings in Ancient Greek (3.0)