Astronautics Development Club

Goal $3,000

Deadline: January 12, 2019

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Help us show the world a newer and more exciting form of amateur rocketry

We are a team centered, interdisciplinary group that focuses on teaching and learning of the excitement of amateur rocketry. We do this by showing that the practices and techniques of amateur racketeering can be applied to sending small payloads into space in a cost efficient way. Our ultimate goal is to use a combination of high altitude balloons and high powered rockets to reach the boundary of space. 

This club will not only teach the basics of rocketry but also give students actual engineering experience while working on fun and exciting projects. To help us achieve our mission we are looking to raise $2,000 dollars that will allow us to purchase materials to build and test rockets and balloons, and help us get closer to our ultimate goal of achieving space. 

About our campaign

Rockets lay in waiting in a hanger, with the american flag hanging in the background.

We are a brand new club at UVU and our only purpose is to bring excitement to rocketry and to show that there is so much more we can do with existing practices and materials. We hope to be able to, over time, gain the practice, knowledge, and skills to be able to send a rocket from a high altitude balloon into space using materials used every day by armature rocket enthusiasts. With this we will then be able to expand and test different means and methods for escaping the bonds of gravity with this as our foundation.

The money raised here will help us to purchase materials needed to build rockets and balloons so that we can learn more about basic designs and building techniques for both rockets and balloons. It will also allow us to run tests on all these things and help us to learn and get closer to our ultimate goal, one step at a time.

It is our belief as a club that the dream of flying into space and visiting other worlds is common among people of all nations, tongues, and cultures. As children most of us probably dreamed of being an astronaut, and yearned for the adventure of space flight as we watched sci fi movies such as star wars or when we watched footage of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. With advancements being made by NASA and Space X once again that childhood dream is being rekindled in our imaginations and it is our hope to bring that light to more people and show them new ways that we can all take part in what President Kennedy called "the greatest adventure of all mankind".

Budget break down

Rocket parts sitting on a table.

The gift of your donation would go directly towards helping us experiment, learn, and inspire others. The money will be used for the purchase of rocket motors, building supplies, helium, professional grade balloons, and all the electronics needed. It will also help us run tests and experiments to prove concepts, and to learn first hand techniques, skills, and knowledge required in high altitude ballooning and rocketry.