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ICC Executive Council

The ICC Executive Council consists of the Inter Club Council President and 8 Club Ambassadors. They are the governing body of the Inter-Club Council who has the right to amend ICC rules or policies as well as allocate club funding and merit money. In addition, the ICC President is expected to represent and act as the voice for all clubs at all UVUSA meetings. The ICC Executive Council plans and executes all ICC sponsored events (Clubs BBQ, Club Rush, ICC meetings, fundraisers, service projects, Clubs Closing Banquet, etc.) to help clubs do more of what they love.

Portrait of Hannah Cosper

Hannah Cosper

UVUSA VP of Clubs & Inter-Club Council President

801.863.6754 | FA 000 | MS: 000
Portrait or Sara Callor

Hannah Papich 

Assistant to the VP of Clubs

Club Ambassador

A Club Ambassador is a member of the Inter-Club Executive Council who represents specific clubs depending on the club categories they oversee. A Club Ambassador keeps frequent contact with, trains, informs and mentors club presidents. Thus, clubs have a voice through their Club Ambassador. Club Ambassadors assist clubs in programming, advertising, recruiting, fundraising, service projects, office procedures and policies, etc.

Portrait of Rylee Taylor

Rylee Taylor

Club Ambassador | Ethnic & Cultural, Service, Religious Clubs

Portrait of Rudy Alba

Rudy Alba

Club Ambassador | Performing Arts & Media, Athletic & Recreational Clubs

Portrait of Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

Club Ambassador | Academic & Political, Social Awareness Clubs

Portrait of Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts

Club Ambassador | Pre-Professional, Social Clubs

Clubs Staff

As the Coordinator of Clubs at Utah Valley University, Rose is a supporter for "Doing More of What You Love" and encourages all students to get involved with clubs. As a graduate of Brigham Young University-Hawaii and a native to New Zealand, Rose loves working with students from around the world. Having worked in Higher Education across three continents for over 10 years, Rose has seen first-hand the professional and personal growth through once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to students who get involved complimenting their academic pursuits. Rose is a lover of Thai food, fan of the NZ Rugby All-Blacks team and loves being at UVU. Her favorite hobbies are playing netball and the piano (separately), watching Shark Tank and spending time with her Arizonian husband. 

Cassidy is a graduate of Dixie State University with a degree in Business Administration. Having been involved more than half of her time in college, she is a huge advocate for getting involved and following the theme of “Doing More of What You Love." Cassidy loves working with students and helping them reach their fullest potential. She has experienced first-hand the benefits of getting involved and taking advantages of the opportunities given to college students. She loves pizza, ice cream and working out (it’s called balance, right?) as well as traveling back down to St. George as much as she can to be in the warm weather.

Portrait of Kaela Lunt

Rose Hill

Clubs Program Coordinator | Student Leadership and Involvement

801.863.8820 | FA 000 | MS: 220
Portrait of Cassidy Tippets

Cassidy Tippets

Assistant Clubs Coordinator

801.863.8618 | FA 000 | MS: 220

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How do I start a club?

Starting a club at UVU is easy! To charter (or register a club) you must be a current UVU student and the Annual Charter Form must be completed. This is found at under the “forms” tab. The only requirements are as follows:

  1. A minimum of 6 members, 75% of them being UVU students.
  2. Club President must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be enrolled in 12 credits for both fall and spring semesters.
  3. Provide a club constitution, which serves as a governing document for the club. Find an example of a club constitution here. 

How do I join a club and/or pay my club membership fees?

To join a club, you’re welcome to contact the club directly. All club contact information can be found at under the “Club List” tab.  Each club is required to charge membership dues (minimum of $5), which can range in cost depending on the club. These dues help with the financial sustainability of the club and gives them an opportunity to hold meetings, plan events, travel, host speakers, etc. that may have a cost associated with them.

If you would like to pay your membership dues, please go to the UVU Clubs Office, SL 122 or pay online through>>Students>>Campus Life>>Club Dues Payment.

How are the club dues utilized?

Club dues are deposited into the club’s account at the end of each day for the club to have access to when needed. Many clubs will use their money to purchase clothing, plan events, hold meetings with refreshments, host speakers, travel, etc.

Once the club is chartered, does the club need to charter every year?

Yes, clubs are asked to charter each academic year during the fall semester.  The Annual Charter Form is available at under “forms”. The Annual Charter Form is available online no later than July 1 of each year for the upcoming fall semester.

Once chartered, will the club receive funding?

Yes! The Clubs Office offers multiple opportunities in which a chartered club can receive financial assistance. The opportunities are listed below:

  1. Annual Club Charter-$100 | Must be completed the Friday before fall semester Club Rush.
  2. Mid-Annual Report/Spring Club Charter-$100 | Must be completed the Friday before spring semester Club Rush.
  3. Additional Club Funding-Dollar Amount Varies | Club Funding Hearings are held monthly throughout the fall and spring semesters. Additional information can be found at>> Handbook (PDF) regarding the process of receiving these funds.
  4. Tabling in the Hallway | Clubs can earn up to $100 per semester by tabling in the hallway 4 different times. 

How can clubs earn merit money?

Merit Money is an opportunity to earn funds provided by the UVU Clubs Office. Clubs can earn these funds through their involvement at office sponsored events such as Club Rush, tabling in the hallway or any other merit money opportunities approved by the Inter Club Executive Council. Merit Money opportunities will be publicized and announced as they arise.

Can clubs fundraise?

Clubs are allowed and encouraged to fundraise as much as they would like. Fundraisers require prior approval to ensure that campus policy and procedures are being followed. To receive approval, please fill out the Fundraiser Approval Form  found under the “forms” tab on If you have further questions about fundraisers, please email Funds earned must be deposited into the club account through the Clubs Office.

Can clubs ask for additional funding?

Yes, they can apply for additional funding from the Inter Club Executive Council. Clubs must submit the application on time (the last Friday before the first Thursday of the month), attend 75% of ICC meetings, and complete a service project and fundraiser within the semester they apply. The ICC Executive Council cannot match more than the amount that was fundraised by the club. Please refer to the Clubs Handbook of Procedures and Guidelines found at>>Handbook (PDF) for additional information.

How do we spend club funds?

Prior approval must always be received in order to spend club funds. To obtain approval, the Purchase Approval Request Form  found at under “forms,” must be completed. Once completed, the Clubs Office will process the request and arrange with the requestor the best means of purchasing. Purchase approval requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure all necessary approvals are received.  The Clubs Office WILL NOT issue reimbursement for purchases made using personal funds. 

What does the clubs office do?

The Clubs Office is comprised of full time staff and the Inter-Club Executive Council which includes the UVUSA VP of Clubs and Club Ambassadors. Each of the Ambassadors oversee specific categories of clubs. The ICC Executive Council exists to help clubs become long lasting and successful clubs. We help clubs navigate the campus through a variety of capacities.

Do I have to have a club advisor to start my club?

As of July 1, 2017, club advisors are no longer required to be an approved club on campus. If a club is interested in having a Club Mentor, they are welcome to work with a full time exempt UVU employee. Additional information regarding the role and responsibilities of a Club Mentor can be found at

What are my responsibilities as a club mentor?

As a mentor, your responsibilities are to help facilitate the student club you are assigned to, not to govern or run the club. The mentor should provide support and offer help and advice when needed, but the students are charged with organizing and running the club.

Club mentors must be a full time exempt UVU employee and be approved by your supervisor to be a club mentor. Your employment at UVU should always be your priority and come first before any involvement with a club. The Club Mentor Acknowledgment Form must completed for review by the Clubs Office and the employee’s direct supervisor. 


Contact our staff if you have any further questions:

  • 801-863-8820
  • ROOM SL-122
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