Congratulations to the 2019-2020 CLUB AMBASSADORS!


Inter Club Council President-2019 Candidates 

Rachel Nordfelt 

portrait of Rachel Nordfelt

About Rachel

  • Junior, majoring in Family Science and minoring in Dance
  • Facebook: Rachel Nordfelt
  • Instagram: @ray.nordfelt
  • Email:

Hi, I'm Rachel! I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset. If you take me out for tacos, I'll love you for life. Always down for an adventure but let's stay inside and watch Netflix. #thatsnotmykid #doglover #notonhereveryoften. Oh, is it not that kind of bio? All jokes aside, I love my life. I like yoga, white water rafting, and the color blue. I grew up in Salt Lake with my parents and my four younger siblings. As a family we love going camping, coordinating costumes for Halloween, and laughing till someone pees their pants. Dance has been a huge part of my life since I was little and I haven't been able to give it up. Currently I am developing a passion for the Cha Cha. When I first came to UVU as a freshmen, I discovered the Behavioral Sciences. Since then I have been working hard towards becoming the best therapist in the world. Last year I was roped into being president of the Family Science Club. Little did I know that being part of a club would turn out to be the best decision I have made in my time here at UVU. I can't wait to get to know more about all the other clubs on campus! If you want to learn more about my life follow me on instagram or hey, maybe you'll run into me on one of those dating apps.


My plans and goals if elected as the ICC President are: 


  1. I would like to send out a helpful tip to the presidents about how to run a club more effectively each month. I would have found this extremely helpful while I was the president of the Family Science Club. I want to remind them that ICC is here for them and that we want their club to be successful. 
  2. I would ask the ambassadors to pick two to three clubs to visit once a month. They would be able to have more face-to-face interactions with members and build trust. Clubs would then be more comfortable using us as a resource. We would also be able to create a stronger relationship with them. I would visit different clubs throughout the semester as well. 
  3. Another goal would be to have a smooth transition into ICC President. I would want to continue building on the strong foundation that ICC has already created and launch off of that into this new branch. I don't expect it to go perfectly, but I do expect it to be fun! I think this switch will be beneficial and help us connect as clubs. 
  4. Lastly, something different that I would implement in ICC meetings would be to give time for Q&A. We would take the last fifteen minutes or so for clubs to ask advice and answers to their questions. Club leadership could help each other find solutions. 


  1. Currently, I am the president of the Family Science Club. I have done this for about a year now and I have learned a lot about running a club from the experience. I have perfected the art of delegation and planning. I am familiar with club forms, club events and know how to make a club successful. Being president of this club, plus many other leadership experiences, qualify me to be an impactful and effective leader for the club community. 
  2. People are my passion. I love working with others and I do it well. Thanks to all my relationship classes, I have learned how to listen and understand those around me. I am confident in my ability to communicate in an effective way. I also genuinely care. People and their success is important to me. I would put my heart and soul into this position. 
  3. I posess a positive energy that is contagious. I believe that being positive is powerful. Even when I am faced with tough tasks, I remain optimistic. This would come in handy as clubs become its own branch and as I interact with the ambassadors and club leadership. Don't underestimate a smile! 

Ramiro Alba

portrait of Rudy Alba

About Ramiro

    • Junior, majoring in Math Education and minoring in Digital Media 
    • Facebook: Ramiro Alba
    • Instagram: @uvu2019
    • Twitter: @uvu2019
    • Email:


My name is Ramiro Alba. Most people call me Rudy for short. I am a super senior working on a Math Education degree. I want to become a professor at a university (UVU being my first choice). I am the oldest of five. I have three younger sisters and a little brother. If you asked my friends and family to describe me in one word, here are some they would've used: sweet, funny, helpful, friendly, a go-getter, confident, smart and loyal. I also enjoy being at home watching Hulu/Netflix, playing video games, hanging out with my sister and/or other friends. Plus, I am a huge movie guy owning over 500 DVDs. I love adventure and the excitement behind it! This is my 4th year at UVU and I have loved every single minute. I have been involved with multiple programs here on campus. First, starting off with UVUSA Activities branch as a committee member. I was also a volunteer for the Prospective Student Services being a recruitment ambassador. Then I became a Residential Engagement Coordinator for two years, which helped me become the Club Ambassador I am today. I absolutely love UVU and everything this school has done to make me feel at home! 

My plans and goals if elected as the ICC President are: 


  1. Collaboration among clubs and other organizations. 
  2. Help the separation of clubs from UVUSA. 
  3. Create personal relationships with club presidents. 


  1. Former Club Ambassador 
  2. Department Leader of Movie Theater 
  3. Knowledge of the ins and outs of clubs