Club Forms

How to Be An Approved Club

2020-2021 Annual Registration Form 

Please read the Clubs Handbook for details information on club requirements, policies, and procedures.

Existing clubs must re-register each semester they plan to be active on campus, even if no changes have been made from your last registration.  

General Guidelines & Information

  • Membership must be open to all UVU students.
  • Each club must have a minimum of 6 members.
  • Provide a club constitution with the Annual Registration Form.
  • At least 75% of the club members must be enrolled as UVU students.
  • There are no private clubs. All officers must be willing to have their names published per UVU Policy 511: Freedom of Speech - "The names and address of officers are required by the University as a condition for registration or access to university funds or enjoyment of university privileges."

Club President Requirements

  • Must be a FULL-TIME student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • In good standing with the University (financially, academically, conduct, etc.)


Club Mentor Acknowledgment

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a UVU Club Mentor. Please understand that the purpose of a mentor is to help facilitate the student club you are assigned to, not to govern or run the club. The mentor should provide support and offer help and advice when needed, but the students are charged with organizing and running the club.

Your supervisor will receive an email notifying them of your participation as a club mentor. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT.

Requirements and Expectations

  • You must be a full time exempt UVU employee. 
  • Your employment at UVU should always be your priority and come first before any involvement with a club.
  • Your immediate supervisor must approve you being a club mentor. 
  • You must be willing to comply with the UVU Clubs Handbook and Procedures. 
  • You must be willing to allow the students to organize and run the club, and be willing to instead mentor and advise, as explained above. 
  •  The club mentor is not responsible for managing the club account, purchase approvals, club funds, travel costs, or other financial forms. Nor is it your responsibility to plan events or meetings, to schedule facilities or to collect dues for the club. 
  • You must complete and sign this acknowledgment form. 
  • If you become aware of violations by the club or its members of the UVU Clubs Handbook of Procedures, the UVU Student Code, UVU's Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy (UVU Policy 162), UVU's Discrimination Policy (UVU Policy 165), or any financial concerns, please notify the UVU Clubs Office of such concerns immediately. 
Acknowledgment Form

Mid Annual Report

Completion of the Mid Annual Report is required to keep the club registration current for spring semester. Deadline for completion is February 3, 2021 at 11:45 PM to receive $100 in merit money. 

Each club will be notified acknowledging the completion of the form, the charter status of the club, and if the club is eligible for $100 in merit money. Funds will be deposited into the club account a few weeks after the deadline if all requirements were met. 

The Mid Annual Report provides the necessary information the Clubs Office needs to continue and further support efforts for your club. The form must be filled out completely, with full answers, in order to qualify for the $100. 

Mid Annual Report Form


Update Club Contact Information

Current records and contact information are critical to the success of a club as it ensures the Clubs Office has the most to up-to-date information for communication purposes. Please complete this form if the contact information for the club changes any time during the semester. Do not fill out this form when registering a club as the Annual Registration Form will be referred to for the necessary contact information.

Contact Info Form
Female club member sitting at a table outside, wearing sunglasses

How to Plan Your Next Activity, Event or Meeting

Scheduling Request

All in-person events require Executive level approval, which can add a week onto the approval process. Clubs must submit the State Event Planning template with their Scheduling Request form.

Clubs Scheduling Request forms should be completed as soon as you decide you are hosting at activity, meeting, practice, or event. It is best practice to complete this form at least 3 weeks prior to the event. 

Following the submission of your request, the Clubs Office will process the form and submit it to the Event Services Office. Once finalized, your club will be notified of the event approval and final confirmation of scheduling will be given.

Scheduling Request Form


Purchase Approval Request

Clubs can use their funds to purchase food, club shirts, office supplies, printing, national dues, travel, and other things needed to run the club.

All purchases must be pre-approved through the Clubs Office and the club must have an official email approval before any purchase is made. Failure to do so will result in a violation and the club will lose all purchasing privileges.  

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for the Clubs Office to complete the approval process. The best practice is submitting your request four (4) weeks before you need to make your purchases. 

Club Approval Request


Service & Civic Engagement Approval Request

Clubs at UVU are required to complete a minimum of one (1) service project or civic engagement event per semester. This demonstrates civic engagement and fosters active citizenship, which aligns with the core values of the University and the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement.

Remember that service is unpaid and civic engagement cannot be part of a course or assignment. There should be no exchange of goods or grade received for your clubs activity.

This form should be completed 2-3 weeks before your service or civic engagement project.

Please provide the following information in the form for approval.

  • Event information like date, location, start and end time
  • Scheduling information for on campus projections

The Clubs Service & Civic Engagement Approval Request form allows you to schedule both on and off campus events with the Clubs Office. 

E-mail your club ambassador with any questions you may have!



Fundraising & Donation Approval

Must be completed 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure enough time for processing or your event may be declined.

You can complete the following requests through the CLUB FUNDRAISING & DONATION APPROVAL form without submitting any additional request forms.

  • Schedule space on campus.
  • Purchase items needed for your fundraiser.
  • Receive approval of on-campus sales.
  • Set up contactless payments.


Clubs Publicity Request

Clubs have access to a variety of ways to promote their club or events.   This form includes requests for graphics, print and digital publicity, four publicity packages, and event check-outs.  

This form should be complete six (6) weeks, in advance of when you need to advertise your event, for custom logos and graphic designs. Best practice for all other requests is four (4) weeks before you need to start promoting your event.

This form includes the following options:

  • Digital graphic designs (see Clubs Design Library)
  • Publicity packages depending on the site of your event
  • Al a Cart options
    • Social Media
    • Digital Signage
    • Printed publicity
  • Clubs Office event check-outs
    • Tablecloths
    • Back drops
    • Free-standing banners

E-mail your club ambassador with any questions you may have!



On-Campus Sales Approval

When selling items on campus, Louise Bridge, Director of the UVU Bookstore, must approve the items being sold on campus. If the items being sold conflict with items in the bookstore, most likely the fundraiser will not be approved.



Payment Request

Do you have an event coming up where you will be receiving money for your club? Please fill out this form and Clubs Office will set up contactless payments through Campus Connection.

Contactless payments are the easiest and safest way for your club to set up event tickets, collect dues from club members who are not UVU students, and sell club shirts or fundraising items.

payment request Form


Travel Authorization Request

Please complete this form if members of your club will be traveling in or out of state. To ensure the club members safety, the club MUST follow the campus travel policy. 

All travel authorizations must be submitted to the Travel Office by the Clubs Office at least one month PRIOR to traveling, regardless of the destination. By submitting authorizations in advance, the university is able to recognize the travel as official campus business and more effectively protect students in the case of an emergency. 

In addition to filling out this form, every club member who will be traveling will be required to complete the Risk Management Waiver (found here) OR by contacting the Clubs Office at or

When traveling the club may use a departmental credit card designated specifically for travel to pay for conference registration fees, hotel costs, flights and rental cars. During the trip the club will have to pay for all other expenses such as gas, food, entertainment and other miscellaneous items. Once the club has returned from traveling all receipts must be submitted to the Clubs Office within 10 calendar days. 

Authorization Request


How to Earn Additional Funding

Additional Funding Application

Funding Application to receive additional funding from UVU Clubs.

Club must complete the following before submitting for Additional Funding

  • Attend 75% of ICC Meetings (3 out of the 4 held each semester. Please note that funds can be awarded prior to the completion of the 4th ICC Meeting, however if 75% of the meetings are not attended during semester, the funds awarded will be retracted.)
  • Complete a fundraiser before applying 
  • Complete a service project before applying 
  • Be a fully chartered club
  • Be in good standing with the university
  • Must not be 30 days past due on a financial obligation to any college department, vendor, business, etc.
  • Collect Dues
  • All clubs need to be familiar with University Policies pertaining to clubs (A copy of the Clubs Handbook may be found at

Please remember that you MUST complete a club fundraiser and service project before applying for additional club funding. The total funds raised from the fundraiser may be matched but it does not guarantee that the full amount requested will be awarded. Funds will only be matched once per semester per fundraiser, in the semester they are raised.


Following the submission of the application, you will be contacted to schedule a club funding interview. In this interview, the contents of the application will be addressed. You can bring as many or as few members as you want. You are also welcome to use any presentation media or tools as well.

Funding Application


A groups of club members possing for the camera in front of a UVU backdrop

Clubs Office Sponsored Events & Applications

ICC Presidential Election Packet - Closed  

As the Inter Club Council President, it is your job to chair the ICC Funding Board and ICC Executive Board. The ICC President also oversees the Club Ambassadors who play a vital role in helping clubs be successful on and off campus. As ICC President you are responsible to resolve club disputes, identify solutions for greater club success, and coordinate Clubs Office sponsored events. If you're interested in applying, you can submit an online application or download the application and return it to SL 122. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chelsea Reay (


Club Ambassador Application - Open until April 9  

As a Club Ambassador, it is your job to represent the interests and passions that clubs bring to UVU.  Every Ambassador plays a vital role in helping clubs be successful on and off campus. If you're interested in applying, you can submit an online application or download the application and return it to SL 122. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrea Betts (

Online Application

Download Application


Club Rush - Closed  

CLUB RUSH is FEBRUARY 17th, 2021 and will be hosted virtually! 

Club Rush is an opportunity for you to tell people about your club, recruit members, and support the cause of doing more of what you love.  

All Club Rush videos will be posted on the Clubs Office YouTube channel. You and your club can submit a 30 - 45 second video, shot in landscape, advertising your club and what you do. Participating in our virtual Club Rush will still allow you to be eligible for $100 Merit Money for your club.

This form and your video must be submitted by 11:45pm on February 3rd. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chelsea Reay (


A group of students attending club rush