Men's Volleyball at UVU started by traveling most of Utah and Idaho in 1993 and taking a respectable second place in the region during its first season of semi-organized play. Now, UVU Men's Volleyball is recognized and respected by many teams nationwide.

The Wolverines did not lose a single tournament in the region in 1994. After taking first place in a Regional tournament held at Utah State University, they went to Arizona State University for the National Collegiate Club Nationals (Division II). They represented UVU well for the first time on the national level by taking second place!

The coach and players expanded their sights for the 1995 season by traveling to more tournaments outside the region and playing various Division I schools. They repeated their second place title at Collegiate Club Nationals held at the University of Minnesota. UVU was the only Division II school that made the top 25 ranking in the national coaches poll that year.

The team continued their excellent record while playing on the Division I level during the 1996 season. They made it all the way to the "sweet sixteen" but finally lost to the 1995 & 1997 national champion's, Sacramento State. It was a huge success for UVU's first Division I appearance at Nationals held at the University of Toledo.

In 1997, UVU played a major role in organizing the Mountain West Volleyball Conference with Colorado State, Arizona, Utah State, Air Force and Arizona State. The Wolverines took ninth again in Division I at the National Championship hosted by the University of Arizona.

The 1998 season was exciting with many new faces on the squad as well as many returning starters.  The Wolverines played BYU in front of almost 5,000 spectators at the Marriott Center.  The team suffered with four starters getting hurt just before some of the biggest games of the year at nationals in Austin, Texas.  But, the support and encouragement by school administration and students was incredible.

New talent and strong returning players becoming National All-Tournament nominees, Larry Lentz II and Joe Hillman, made the 1999 season even more thrilling.  UVU attended some of the biggest tournaments of the year including University of Michigan's Collegiate Classic (3rd place) and U.C. Davis' Far Westerns (7th place).  The season came to an impressive end after finishing 3rd in the nation at the National Championship held at the University of Maryland.

Three squads made up UVU Club Volleyball for the year 2000.  NIRSA allowed "B" teams to compete at nationals, so UVU created a separate team within the club that can train and compete with their own goal of a DIII National Championship.  UVU also formed a Women's team within the club to compete at the same national competition.  The women are debuted as top contenders around the nation.  UVU began the season against last year's NCAA national champions, BYU, in a packed Activity Center.  The Wolverine's rigorous schedule culminated at the Conference Championships at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and all three teams attending the NIRSA National Championships at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, NV.  UVU had its best finish ever taking second place in Men's Division I and third place in Men's Division III.

The Wolverines began the 2001 season by taking eighth place at the University of California - Santa Barbara Collegiate Tournament.  They took 2nd place at Conference Championships in Las Vegas and all three teams attended the NIRSA National Championships at the Kansas City Convention Center in Missouri.  The UVU men again had their best finish ever by winning their first men's volleyball national championship in Men's Division I.  Four players were awarded first All-Tournament team honors including Larry Lentz (Left Side Hitter), Brad Collins (Setter), Scott Lee (Libero), and Tournament MVP, Joe Hillman (Right Side Hitter).

The wolverines traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, on March 7 & 8, 2008 and won the MWVC Tournament. UVU defeated University of Nevada - Las Vegas in the quarterfinals, University of Arizona in the semifinals, and Arizona State University in the finals. Three players were named to the All-Tournament Team: #2 Tyler Widdison (MB), #3 Clay Salazar (LIB), and MVP #4 Joseph Moore (OPP).

UVU Men's Club Volleyball National Tournament Finishes:

1994 2nd*
1995 2nd*
1996 9th
1997 9th
1998 18th
1999 3rd
2000 2nd
2001 1st
2002 3rd
2003 42nd
2004 17th
2005 21st
2006 16th
2007 5th
2008 25th
2009 9th
2010 3rd
2011 18th
2012 5th**
2013 9th**
2014 25th
2015 33rd
2016 25th
2017 25th

*competed in DII 1994-1995
**competed in DIAA 2012-2013

JV Team DIII National Tournament Finishes:

2000 3rd
2001 5th
2002 6th
2003 21st
2005 9th
2006 10th
2007 3rd
2008 11th
2009 11th
2010 13th
2011 11th
2012 19th
2013 13th
2014 9th
2015 29th
2016 19th
2017 25th



This year's team has many new players and talent. "They will impress and gain the respect of many more college teams.  UVU will continue to play a large part in expanding the Mountain West Conference with various colleges in the region."

The team looks forward to an even better season this year. "We hope to travel and continue to win tournaments and build team unity while having fun," they say. "The popularity and talent at this school seems to get better every year." Below is a brief list of goals and plans for the coming season.

  • Build team unity
  • Continue to have fun
  • Perform service projects
  • Organize fundraisers
  • Be top contenders at Conference Championship
  • Be top contenders at Division I National Championship

Long-Term Goals

  • Increase popularity of sport
  • Assist expansion of Mountain West Volleyball Conference
  • Become a fully sanctioned program

Men's Volleyball is proud to continue UVU's tradition of excellence in athletics and academics. All of the players are students enrolled with at least nine credit hours.

You are invited to support them at any of their competitions, fundraisers, or service projects. They are excited for the coming season and want to make a positive impact on the school, community, and nation. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Per 20 player team

Estimated Budget Amount
Coaching Fee $ 4,000.00
Uniforms @ $100 each $ 2,000.00
Warmups @ $150 each $ 3,000.00
T-shirts, shorts and shoes @ $150 each $ 3,000.00
Volleyballs @ $30 each $ 600.00
Referees @ $100 per match $ 1,000.00
Tournament Entry Fees $ 3,000.00
Travel Expenses (flights and van rentals) $ 15,000.00
Hotel Lodging @ $100 per night per room $ 8,000.00
Total Expenses $ 39,600.00
Player Dues @ $500 each $ 10,000.00
Fundraisers To Date $ 2,000.00
Planned Fundraisers To Date $ 2,700.00
Income $ 14,700.00
Outstanding $ 24,900.00
Your Contribution ___________