Math Girls Rock!

Project Director: Dr. Violeta Vasilevska

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Join Math Girls Rock! if you want to:

  • Work on FASCINATING hands-on Math-Origami and other Projects
  • Explore new INTERESTING Math topics
  • Enjoy FUN Math Activities
  • Play COOL math Games with many PRIZES to win
  • ENGAGE in lively discussions about women, math & careers


  • PUVU Math Initiative Program (2015 - 2016)
  • MAA Tensor Grant Program for Women and Mathematics (2011-2014) MAA (Mathematical Association of America)
  • UVU University Project Grant (2012-2013)


  • Promote the value of a college education to the high school female students;
  • Encourage undergraduate and high school female student to (further) study mathematics;
  • Mentor undergraduate female student-assistants and prepare them to work with and mentor high school participants;
  • Expose them to math that they have not necessarily seen before;
  • Excite them with new math ideas;
  • Engage students in hands-on math projects that demonstrate that math is fun, interesting and exciting, and how math can be applied in everyday life;
  • Increase students' self-confidence in their own math abilities;
  • Encourage students to consider professions which utilize a math/science degree.


Math Girls Rock! is planned as a year-long math engagement program aimed toward female undergraduate UVU math/math education majors and high school girls from the surrounding area. It is designed as a Math Club for Young Women offering a series of meetings throughout the year, including:

  • Weekly meetings with the undergraduate students to mentor and prepare them to be able to work with the high school students on math projects.
  • After-school meetings (two times per semester) with the high school participants to work on math projects.

The program offers various fun math projects and activities to explore and discover, as well as discussions about math, and women and math. Friendly math competitions will be offered to high school participants, with opportunities to win math prizes. In addition, the program promotes mentoring on two levels: project directors will mentor the undergraduate assistants through directing math projects, and the undergraduate assistants will mentor and guide the high school participants.

Participating schools:

Kark G Maeser Preparatory Academy (2015 - present)

Provo High School (2011-2016)

Orem High School (2012-2014)