Alumni Endorsements

UVU Wolverine
    • "When I first started to attend UVU I was a music major, but because I wanted to be able to get a job after school, I decided I needed to change my major. I went into my Wolverine Track (an online tool that helps students plan for graduation) and tried to find what degree I was closest to. It turns out a degree in Communication was the answer. I met with Vegor Pedersen (one of the department’s academic advisors) and we discussed my road to graduation. I know it sounds like I threw a dart to find a major, but I believe I was lead by inspiration. Sometimes you just have to blindly choose a path to see what is right for you and as for me, I got lucky and hit a bullseye. I love Communication and everyone in the department. I wouldn't trade my experiences as a Comm major for anything."--Cori Place 

    • "My experience in the COMM department at UVU has helped me prepare personally and professionally for the rest of my life. I chose this major because I was passionate about the knowledge contained in the coursework. The concepts COMM students acquire and apply are so relevant to every-day life. I came to appreciate the value of the discipline. I also really enjoyed how personable the faculty was, making each class meaningful. All in all, I felt like this department was where I belonged all along."--Kody Hansen

    • "I have loved my experience as a communication major at UVU. The teachers have been helpful in teaching me and giving me real-life application. The fact that I was able to do actual reporting and writing to build up my experience was priceless. That is the reason I was able to get my internship at KSL, and now I have a job because of it. Jobs in journalism are slim to none these days, and I know that I got my job as a direct result from the things I learned in my classes and my internship with the Communication department."-- Faith Jelley 

    • "At UVU I met in person with many of the Communication Department professors and was really impressed. The Communication Department, through my courses and one-on-one instruction, has provided me with great knowledge and experience that helps me in my current position and will continue to help me throughout my career. The value of experience in the workplace in the form of internships or job experience is invaluable, and the Communication Department has provided many opportunities to gain experience in the real world." --Daron Shumway 

    • "I've always wanted to go to medical school and have been involved in numerous science classes. Majoring I'm speech communication gave me a sense of balance. It allowed me to work in groups, speak in public, and learn interpersonal communication skills. I was able to interact with other students in every class and gain valuable skills that will be put to use in my post-college career."--Matthew Hardman 

    • "As an intern with Ogilvy Public Relations, I was amazed to see the same tools and tactics I was taught inside the walls of UVU applied to campaigns for global brands. I walked into my internship very nervous, not knowing if I was prepared, but within days I realized how well my professors had prepared me for the real world experiences I would encounter. UVU Communication empowered me with the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in a fast paced, real-world environment."--Chris Bailey 

    • "The UVU Communication Department is an excellent department that not only inspired me to choose my career path, but personally assisted me along the way. The staff, who themselves are experts in the Communication field, provide valuable education that is irreplaceable in my life today. The personal advice and lessons I received from my professors and academic advisor play a major role in my current job and success. Being a UVU Communication graduate has provided me with life long knowledge of my field, and a very important camaraderie with other UVU Communication graduates."--Jo Metcalf 

    • "The Speech Communication program at Utah Valley University provides students a vast array of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Among these opportunities are mediation training, teaching assistantships in public speaking courses, club membership and leadership, and speech competitions. Further, students learn theories that enhance their ability to communicate with and understand others. Students have the opportunity to test these theories through first-hand research and scholarly writing. Finally, the faculty are highly respected in the field of speech communication. They are seasoned and caring professionals who are devoted to the development of their students. There simply isn’t a better program anywhere!"--Joan Palmer 

    • "Words literally could not describe my love and appreciation for the Utah Valley university Communication Department. I can honestly say, that I would not be where I am now without going through the Public Relations program. Every single aspect that Stephen Whyte and Farah Chase-Dun teach in their classes are real-world necessities in the wild world of public relations. I am also grateful for the time and knowledge that Vegor Pedersen (a communication department academic advisor) shared with me, keeping me on track to succeed. If I could share any advice with current students I would tell them to get involved! Join and run for office in PRSSA, do Bateman, write for the UVU Review, meet and network with fellow PR students, apply to go on PR trips and goon them…and most importantly, listen to Stephen and Farah, they really know what they're talking about! Public relations is a fast and demanding career, but is so much fun if you’re willing to put in the work. UVU has already been recognized nationally for their excellence in public relations, but trust me when I say that UVU has one of, if not the best, PR programs out there." --Nathaniel Gray (Class of 2011)

    • "Some of the strongest features of the Comm. Department at UVU were the abilities I had learned from faculty members to network and organize in my community. Having the flexibility of the Speech Communication emphasis, allowed me to take courses that pertained to social justice and allowed me to expand my knowledge of the world and the many injustices that occur in the global sense as well as in my local community. Having my knowledge base (from Peace and Justice related-courses) and applying my community and social mobilizing skills (provided by Communication courses), I was able to find employment where I could instill and mold themes of social justice into my daily professional experience, even if I was just a simple "recruiter." Two professors I continually am grateful for were Janet Colvin, who gave me opportunities to grow and become involved in research and Matt Kushin, who inspired my goal to one day become a university faculty member. Last but not least, I would like to thank Vegor Pederson, my Comm. advisor, who put up with endless questions from me and was just a great source of social justice knowledge, who I could always vent to." --Agustin Diaz 

    • "I started my college career when the school was known as UVSC and a four-year option wasn’t available. I eventually had to transfer to the University of Utah to continue pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree, but quickly became disappointed with their program. At the U, I was one of hundreds of students in the program, just another face and I felt that internships and club memberships were only made available to a select few. Out of frustration I decided to put my education on hold and while on break from school I learned about the 4-year degree in Public Relations at UVU. I set up an appointment with an advisor and before I knew it I was transferring back. I was encouraged by how the new department was set up and how clearly laid out my path to graduation was. The numerous options for real-world participation in my emphasis (Case Studies, Capstone,PR Firm, PRSSA) provided by the instructors, showed me all the possibilities I would have with a degree in Communications. I also appreciated how instructors in the Communication Department pushed student involvement in internships and went out of their way to learn who I was, and adapt my interests to the field of study. Because of their belief in me I never felt that I was just a face, but a part of a team. I believed that I would be able compete with “the best” after graduation and became determined to make my goals a reality. I took on several internships with their encouragement and got two jobs from two of those internships, one of them being where I work now."--Brittany Loose 

    • "My education in Public Relations from Utah Valley University was absolutely exceptional. The value of real world experience being incorporated into many of the classes taught by my professors made my transition into a professional working environment nearly seamless. After completing my education in Public Relations at UVU, I felt prepared to handle the job responsibilities within that field that have come my way since graduating. I'll always be thankful for many of the professors I learned from."--Kyle Flanagan