Student Endorsements

  • "Getting involved in your major is an individual responsibility, but the Communications Department makes the extra effort to help students be aware of the opportunities available for us, and encourages everyone to take advantage of those opportunities. I recently traveled to San Francisco with other UVU PR students and advisors for the PRSSA National Conference where we learned about our industry and experienced an environment of professionalism. Not only did I learn from industry professionals, but I was able to network and meet potential employers. I intend to continue my involvement with PRSSA by running for local and national presidencies, and attend more national conferences. The UVU Communications Department has helped me prepare for my future career."--Priscilla Silva 

  • "As a transfer student, the Utah Valley University Communication Department has provided me with opportunities I never could have imagined. The Public Relations Student Society of America, PRSSA Bateman Competition, Wolverine PR and my internships have been some of best experiences of my college career. These opportunities have ignited a passion and drive that has made me successful academically, as well as given me the personal confidence to take chances and achieve my career goals. I’m so thankful to be a part of a department that provides so many opportunities for its students to be engaged and learn the skills necessary to be successful in their future career."--Sydney Tycsen 

  • "I have felt like the Professors and faculty in the Communications department not only care about me succeeding in college but want to give me the tools to help me succeed in my career after college. I have been happy to have been given advice that I can use in the professional world and I feel like my Professors in the Communication Department really do want me and the other students in Communications to succeed in life."--Jason Knight 
  • "The UVU communications program has been so good to me. I have professors who sincerely care about my success and have helped me not only learn the material but apply it in my life. One of the greatest accomplishments of being in the communications program was going to Philadelphia with different PR students. The relationships and skills I learned on the trip are priceless."--Katelyn Gallagher 

  • "The professors teach with passion and the department offers a wide variety of classes extremely beneficial in the field of communications. I have confidence in my future because of the knowledge and guidance I've received from the UVU Communications Department."--Faith Tusieseina 

  • "One of my greatest role models, Coco Chanel, said in her time, 'The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.' As a student in UVU's Communication Department, I have been able to find my own courageous way to communicate. The professors have influenced me to find my own voice in public relations. I have passion for public relations and communications, and thanks to my learning at UVU, I will be able to make my own mark in the world of PR."--McKenzie Haggard