About COED Marketing

The Community Outreach and Economic Development marketing team develops marketing campaigns across all COED divisions to create brand awareness through partnerships and innovation which educate, inform, and inspire.

COED Marketing utilizes a variety of skill sets such as Graphic Design, Data Analysis, Programming, and Social Media, enabling the distribution of effective and targeted marketing materials.  Data-driven decisions provide more predictable results and ensure higher conversion rates throughout campaigns.

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Submit a Marketing Project

1. Log in to your UVU Gmail account:

NOTE: It is best to do this in a browser without another active Gmail session in order to avoid conflicts.

  • Navigate to www.gmail.com in a browser.
  • Enter your UVU email address
  • You should be directed to the standard UVU login to authenticate.
  • After completing the UVU login, come back to this page proceed to Step 2.

2. Click "Access M.A.G.I.C." below.

Access M.A.G.I.C.

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