Conflict of Interest

Utah Valley University recognizes the benefit to the University of faculty and staff interaction with business and industry, private foundations, and government agencies to foster our mission, facilitate professional development, and promote expansion of knowledge. In some cases the external activities of faculty and staff, such as consulting, outside employment, public service, pro bono work, or serving as an officer of an external entity, even without compensation, can result in real or perceived conflicts of interest. By accepting employment at Utah Valley University, a person is placed under an affirmative duty to comply with various standards governing the ethical conduct of administrative officers and employees.

Duty to Disclose

In order to fulfill the purposes of the Utah Public Officers and Employees Ethics Act and UVU policy pertaining to conflict of interest, all employees must, upon hire and annually thereafter, disclose any conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest in advance of all outside activities and financial interests that create or have the appearance of creating conflicts of interest to the appropriate University officials. This provision extends to all employees, as well as their spouse or dependent children.

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