Grants Management and Contract Services Overview

Grants Management and Contract Services is a compliance oversight and assurance activity designed to add value and improve the university's grant and contract management process. The process is designed to help the university monitor, review and improve the effectiveness of grants and contracts management.

The University Compliance Office performs routine compliance reviews to measure whether grant or contract awards are being administered in accordance with established policies, procedures, laws and regulations. In monitoring grant and contract agreements, the Compliance Office shall maintain objectivity and integrity, be free of conflicts of interest, and shall not knowingly misrepresent facts, or subordinate its judgment to others.

As the size and complexity of grant and contract awards at the university increases, so do the day-to-day responsibilities of management. The University Compliance Office was established to support grant or contract managers with the effective discharge of responsibilities by providing objective analyses, observations, recommendations, and information concerning the activities reviewed.


The University Compliance Office strives to promote the most economical and efficient use of resources in the area of grant and contract management. The office also works to insure the university's compliance with Federal and state laws and regulations and university policies and procedures, to deter and detect misappropriations and abuse, and to promote the reliability and integrity of university relations.


The University Compliance Office reports to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and is responsible for reviewing and appraising various policies, procedures and operations for grants and contracts and recommending corrective action when necessary. The office has no authority or responsibility to the grants or contracts it reviews. The University Compliance Officer works independently so that its work can be carried out freely and objectively, with impartial and unbiased judgment. The University Compliance Officer has unrestricted access to grant and contract award information and supporting documents in the performance of a review.