Notification from the Funding Source

When the Office of Sponsored Programs receives notification of the award of a grant or contract, that office will forward the award documentation to the University Compliance Office. Upon receipt, the University Compliance Office will initiate the following:


After receiving the award notification, it may be necessary to contact the funding source to renegotiate the terms of the award. Renegotiation is handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs, in consultation with the PI/project director, the dean or division head, and the University Compliance Office as needed.

If renegotiation is not necessary or once renegotiation is complete, the Office of Sponsored Programs will ensure that appropriate acknowledgements and acceptance of the award are forwarded to the funding source.

Request for Budget Number

The University Compliance Office will complete the Request for BANNER Index Form, attach appropriate documentation and forward this information to the Sr. Accountant for Grants and Sponsored Programs for budget number (BANNER Index) assignment. The Sr. Accountant will contact the Compliance Officer with the budget number or if additional information is needed.

Award Review with PI/Project Director

After the budget number has been received from the Sr. Accountant, the University Compliance Office will meet with the PI/project director to discuss budget information, award restrictions, reporting procedures and deadlines, etc. Question that the PI/project director may have will be addressed at this time. The PI/Project director will sign a New Award Orientation Form certifying acceptance of the terms and conditions of the award.

Questions from Funding Source

After the award is made, at any time, the University Compliance Office must be notified if the funding source contacts the principal investigator or project director with questions or to request additional information.