Post Award Management and Contract Services

The University Compliance Office is responsible for the overall post-award management of all externally sponsored project. Several parties are involved in the management of an award: the principal investigator or project director, the Business Office, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and others, depending on the type of project. The University Compliance Office will coordinate the activities of these parties to ensure that the project adheres to the funding source's guidelines (i.e., progress reporting requirements, financial reporting requirements, expenditure restrictions) and that all compliance issues are met.

The University Compliance Office's focus for Grants Management and Contract Services encompasses three areas: training, monitoring, and reporting. To ascertain that the university complies with applicable rules and laws relating to Grants Management and Contract Services, the Compliance Office provides training designed to heighten employee awareness of applicable rules, laws and policies. It is often easier, less expensive and less time-consuming to prevent problems from arising than to remedy them after they occur.

Upon receiving a grant or contract award, the University Compliance Officer will meet with the principal investigator/project director to discuss questions about grant and contract award management. In addition, the Compliance Officer will provide a copy of the Post-Award Grant Management Handbook, which contains details about fiscal management issues, including personnel, time and effort reporting, purchases, campus services, travel, matching funds, indirect cost and reporting procedures.