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Empowering Your Tomorrow
Boys' Conference

November 18, 2017
UVU Sorensen Student Center
 Expanding your horizons
EYT Math Boy


Empowering Your Tomorrow is a math, science, and technology-focused career conference for 5th - 12th grade boys.

Conference participants may choose from 20 plus hands-on, interactive workshops.

Come explore educational and career opportunities in nontraditional, high-earning STEM careers, and more!


Why would I want to go to Empowering Your Tomorrow?

 Because it may:

  • Encourage some boys who will become full-fledged STEM professionals

  • Inform boys that there are many different STEM careers that are enjoyable, pay well and contribute to society

  • Educate boys that STEM courses are increasingly important preparation for other careers, too

  • Empower the tomorrows of some boys to include STEM and STEM-related careers

  • Overcome prejudices boys may have about men in STEM

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