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Expanding Your Horizons
Girls STEM Conference

January 7, 2017
UVU Sorensen Student Center
$25 Admission

 Expanding your horizons
EYF Math Girl

Utah Valley University is pleased to offer the Expanding Your Horizons conference. This STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) focused conference is designed for 5th - 8th grade girls to introduce them to a variety of exciting careers they can pursue if they continue their education.

Conference participants may choose from 25 hands-on, interactive workshops led by professional women.

For parents and educators, specialized workshops are available that will provide educational and career resources to help girls succeed.

Come explore educational and career opportunities in nontraditional, high-earning STEM careers, and more!


Why Would I Want to Go to

Expanding Your Horizons?

Because it may:

  • Encourage girls who will become full-fledged STEM professionals

  • Inform girls that there are many different STEM careers that are enjoyable, pay well and contribute to society

  • Educate girls that STEM courses are increasingly important preparation for other careers, too

  • Expand the horizons of girls to include STEM and STEM-related careers

  • Overcome misconceptions girls may have about women in STEM

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