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Utah Valley University Conferences is pleased to offer the annual Expanding Your Horizons on February 2, 2019. Expanding Your Horizons is a math, science, and technology-focused career conference for 5th - 12th-grade girls. Participants may choose from 30 hands-on, interactive workshops led by professional women in STEM, explore fun concepts in the Zone and listen to great speakers.

Come explore educational and career opportunities in nontraditional, high-earning STEM careers, and more!

Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available to girls from low-income families to attend Expanding Your Horizons at little or no cost.

Please contact UVU Continuing Education for further details at (801) 863-8012 or before registering.


Educates girls how STEM courses are increasingly important preparation for all careers.


Expands the horizons of girls to include STEM and STEM-related careers.


Informs girls about many different STEM careers that are enjoyable, pay well and contribute to society.


Overcomes misconceptions girls may have about women in STEM-based careers.

Registration Includes

  • Access to general sessions
  • All conference materials
  • All networking receptions and events
  • Entrance to the keynote presentations


  • Cost: $25 (Same day registration available)
  • Date:February 2, 2019
  • Time: Sa from 8:30 AM to 3:15 PM
  • Location: UVU Sorensen Student Center


We allow a partial refund for cancellations up to 48 hours before the conference. We retain $10 in order to cover the credit card charges that are incurred with both registrations and refunds.

Day of Registration

Day of conference registration is allowed on Saturday morning February 2, 2019, 8 - 9 AM


If you have any questions or registration complications please contact UVU Continuing Education 801-863-8012

*Teachers/Schools - to register multiple students or if you have questions please call 801-863-8012.

*Waivers MUST be completed before the conference.

2019 Keynote Speaker

Ann Arendt

Special Keynote:
Anne Arendt

Anne Arendt is an associate professor and department chair in Technology Management at UVU. Anne has been at UVU for 15 years and has served in the role of interim associate dean in the College of Technology and Computing and is currently the faculty senate interim vice president. Anne has a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education from Utah State University, a Master of Business Administration in Information Systems from Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, a Master of Science in Educational Change and Technology Innovation from Walden University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Minnesota.

Anne is a champion for education and believes it provides tools to make informed decisions, synthesize ideas, formulate and achieve life goals, and critically evaluate relevant issues. While education is not made for guarantees, it is most certainly made for opportunity creation and is an avenue to help you define and determine your future. She advocates that you have value, you have a voice, and you have choices!

2019 Schedule

Time Event
8:30am - 9:00am Check-in/Registration (Ballroom Foyer)
8:30am - 9:50am Enlightened Zone
10:00am - 10:50am Welcome & Keynote Speaker (Ballroom)
11:00am - 11:50am Workshop Session 1
12:00pm - 12:50pm Lunch and Entertainment (Ballroom)
1:00pm - 1:50pm Workshop Session 2
2:00pm - 2:50pm Workshop Session 3
3:00pm - 3:15pm Closing Remarks

2019 Student Workshops

01 - Animation

3D - From creation to final product:
Ever wonder how those awesome 3D movies and show are made? Come find out how it's done and test your hand at creating a 3D model.

02 - Aquatics & Marine Science

Aquariums: Not Just for Fish:
Could you train a dragon, if you had one? Would you know how to even take care of one? Join the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium’s education team for some animal edu-tainment. Don’t expect to see fish, but be prepared for some other scaly, slimy and even furry critters to help us introduce you to the world of animal education. Join us for water quality tests, animal presentations, and even learn to train your classmates! Come explore, discover, and learn with us as we dive into the world of animal care, training, and education.

03 - Architecture & Drafting


04 - Astronomy


05 - Aviation


06 - Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science:

07 - Biology


08 - Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the application of biological knowledge to produce products that improve human welfare. I will review the kinds of things people do with biotechnology and how their efforts will impact our lives in the future. Topics will include biotechnology and energy; biotechnology and medicine; biotechnology and food, and biotechnology and the environment.

09 - Chemistry

Meet the curious chemist inside you:
The workshop will be setup in one of the chemistry labs (TBD) in the PS building. One to three hands-on fascinating chemistry experiments will be included. Students will get the opportunities to see, touch, and play with chemistry. At least one female chemist from UVU chemistry department will be on site to work with students and answer questions.

10 - Computer Coding

Computer coding: So you want to be a hacker:
Intro to computer security and BASH scripting.

11 - Computer Science

Robotics, the merger of Engineering and Computer Science:
Robotics combines an interesting blend of Engineering and Computer Science. By looking at this rich field we can explore interesting high-tech fields as diverse as nano-technology and software engineering. While presentation is not hands-on there is an element of audience participation. Expect to leave the presentation both educated and entertained.

12 - Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts:

13 - Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene as a career choice:
Table clinic includes typodont and dental hygiene tools for students to use. An assortment of dental cleaning aids, and dental models of the human dentition. Information on a career in dental hygiene.

14 - EART (Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology)

Discover your future with electrical automation & robotics technology:
Discover EART and what it can do for your future. Find out what is going on in Robotics & Automation. Learn how you can get involved in the expanding industry. Hands on material includes unipolar motor, robotic arms and fun.

15 - Engineering &amp Design Tech

Engineering & design tech:

16 - Forensic Science

We can all see, but can you observe:
This workshop focuses on the aspects of crime scene investigations and forensic science. What are real life techniques used to find physical evidence at a scene and what forensic discipline can help find the answers we are looking for to solve a crime?

17 - Genetics

Genetics- from diseases to treatments:
Come and discover the power of genetics- from diseases to treatments. We’ll discuss everything from using genetics bioengineer organisms that clean-up the environment to using genetics to understand and treat disease. We will also be examining several cells under the microscope, showing how genetic alterations lead to phenotypic changes. In addition, we will be doing bacterial art with genetically modified, fluorescent bacteria.

18 - Geology/Earth Science

Working in the largest office on earth:
An overview of various careers available to people with backgrounds in geology, from exploring to oil and mineral resources to protecting people from earthquakes and volcanoes.

19 - Graphic Arts

Graphic design:
Graphic design is an exciting, creative and rewarding career path. In this workshop we will go over some basic design principles and use these principles to create a fun design project.

20 - Mathematics

Surfaces and shapes - geometry investigations:
Mathematicians like to ask "what if?" and then find out why by looking for patterns and logical reasons. Let’s ask some what if questions, make predictions, and see what happens and if we can figure out why. We’ll investigate Moebius strips, angles, limits, polyhedral, and discover some interesting patterns. And we’ll make things to show your friends how cool mathematics is.

21 - Midwife

Becoming a midwife:
Come learn about the incredible work that midwives are doing in the United States and across the world. Find out the different types of midwives, what they do and where they work, and how to be trained as one. See some of the equipment that midwives use to care for women and how the work of a midwife, truly is, the perfect combination of science and intuition, and mind and heart.

22 - Military Science

Military science:

23 - Nursing

Are You Up To The Challenge: What is the nurse’s role in the 21st Century Healthcare System? How can I prepare for this exciting and diverse career?

24 - Physical Therapy

Physical therapy:
Our goal is to demonstrate what it means to be a physical therapist! We will describe our profession and have fun hands-on, interactive activities for our participants. We will also discuss what it means to be a woman working in a health profession. Lastly, we will finish our presentation with ways that we can be healthy and active young women!

25 - Physics

Whether it’s a flight to Pluto or a journey to explore the insides of a proton, the captains of such ships of exploration are all physicists. Why? What special skills do they develop in their own schools of wizardry that put them in charge of science? We’ll explore some of those skills and look at some of the key ideas of physics. There will be hands on demonstrations and examples of science exploration at its best.

26 - Rocket & Space Science

Rocket & space science:
We will be Hubble Space Telescope Scientists working for NASA and will use HST images to determine the number of galaxies in the Universe and we will learn how astronomers classify galaxies and do our own galaxy classifications.

27 - Technology Management

Technology management:

28 - Video Gaming

Video gaming:

29 - Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual & augmented reality:

30 - Zoology/Wildlife Biology

Zoology/wildlife biology - Zoologists have the most fun:
Students will learn what jobs are available in the field of Zoology and have a chance to interact with some furry and scaly animals. Students will get hands on experience as to what it means to be a Zoologist.

Empowering Your Tomorrow is presented by UVU Continuing Education, UVU College of Technology and Computing, and UVU College of Science.