Guest Services

Customer Service

Customer and guest services involves the majority of contact with conference attendees before, during and after the event. Customer service follows all attendee needs from inquiries and registrations to post-conference evaluations.


Guest services can work with Speakers and Presenters to take care of basic questions and requests (such as directions, AV needs, schedules etc.). They can provide a presenter packet upon check in with necessary information and be a liaison between the Event holder and the presenter.


Guest services can work with vendors to answer questions, give directions, determine space or A/V needs and act as a liaison between the Event holder and the vendor contacts.


Guest services will manage event inquiries, registrations, and billing for all attendees. They will keep track of payments and fees as well as register any comp’d attendees. They will send out reminder emails, directions and correspondence as determined by the event producer and event hosts. Guest services will manage all traditional aspects of customer service for attendees.

Speaker Information Packets

Prepare information packets for presenters and speakers. Include name badge, program, contact information, maps, thank you note and any conference details pertinent to the presenter.

Check-In and Material Distribution

The check in desk is the main point of contact for conference attendees, planners, volunteers and staff. The registration desk is familiar with all conference details and contacts in order to answer questions, direct attendees and address any concerns or issues that may arise.

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)

CEU’s are available for conferences related to professional development. A CEU request form should be filled out and turned into the registration desk at the conference where payment can be taken. If payment is not provided at the conference, they may call in to pay with a credit card or send a check to MS 147. CEU’s are recorded in AceWare and a certificate (including clock hours) is sent to the attendee. CEU’s do not represent University credit and are not available on a University transcript.

Conference Evaluations

Conference evaluations are to be sent 1-2 weeks after the event, via a qualtrics survey invitation. A paper survey given out during the conference is also an option and participants may turn these in to the registration desk once completed.