Marketing Services

Your conference is going to be amazing! People will truly benefit from attending and experiencing all that you have prepared. Now the trick is to let them know just what they would be missing if they don’t come. Marketing is the magic behind moving people. We want to help move them to your conference. The internal marketing team at UVU Conferences is ready to help you find the right audience, appeal to them and inspire them to show up.

Our amazing team of marketing professionals utilize a variety of skill sets in Graphic Design, Data Analysis, Programming, and Social Media, enabling the distribution of effective and targeted marketing materials.  Data-driven decisions provide more predictable results and ensure higher conversion rates—that means more people flocking to your conference.

Conference Communications

Welcome your attendees with a variety of hospitality tools:

  • Printed materials: From the layout to the printed product, our team can help you create the professional impression your attendees will love to take home!
  • Programs: Keep your supporters in-the-know by creating a beautiful guide to help them navigate all of your amazing offerings.
  • Digital materials: Give attendees fingertip accessibility to all things YOU in digital form.
  • Sponsor recognition: Let us help you boost your online messaging, and print presence to give your sponsorship a power-punch!
  • Wayfinding signs: Give your attendees direction by using our design and printing resources to produce beautiful signage.

Advertising and Awareness Building

Increase your audience awareness through a variety of web channels:

  • Web presence: Our web professionals create landing pages, web content, and images that pique audience curiosity.
  • Mass email service: Drive your conference campaign a little further with our mass email outreach services, including campaign scheduling, mail automation, and targeting database segments. We make it easy for you!
  • Social media: Not sure which social channels will work best for your intended audience? We do! Our social media professionals help with scheduling media posts, content creation, and data analytics.

Branding Services

Connect with your customers by presenting branding that portrays your organization’s outstanding purposes:

  • Logo creation: Our in-house designers can create memorable logos that support your organization’s brand.
  • Messaging: Our team can organize a cohesive look and feel for your conference messages, increasing your online presence and helping you achieve that extra something to set you apart.
  • Graphic design: Our graphic designers can build visual content that leaves a great first impression through the use of photography, illustrations, and animations.
  • Data analytics: Gather insight intelligence that will help build your event community.

UVU Conferences looks forward to providing you services that will make your conference a smashing success.

Please note for all services:

  • No travel arrangements will be provided
  • No travel reimbursements will be processed
  • No faculty/speaker/volunteer coordination or payments
  • All cancellation or modification requests for the conference must be submitted by email only
  • No curriculum development or conference content will be provided

Preliminary invoice with fees and charges within 30 days of conference conclusion