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Explorer Day

UVU – UCCU Center

March 3, 2017

Schedule Overview/Program

  8:00-9:00 am – Check-in begins!

  9:00-9:15 - Welcome at UCCU Center

  9:30-10:20 - Workshop or TechZone

10:30-11:20 - Workshop or TechZone

11:30-12:20 - Workshop or TechZone

12:30-1:00 - Lunch/Keynote Speaker – Sunny Washington
Lunch (Hot Sandwich, Chips, Cookie and a Drink) will be provided.

 1:00-3:00 - TechChallenge Event - UCCU Center

 3:00-3:30 - Awards

Student Workshops

Students must choose a Tech Zone and 2 workshops.  

Every participant under the age of 18 must bring with them a signed consent form, download here.

Space is limited, selections are not guaranteed.

Tech Zone

Sponsored by: UVU
Everyone must register for one of the hands on fun Tech Zone classes.

3-2-1 Blast Off

Sponsored by: ATK
Soar to new heights in this rocket propulsion workshop. Learn how a rocket lifting off is an application of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Build your own rockets and see how high and how far you can go. Learn how variables such as fin shape and weight affect how high the rocket will fly.

3D Objects in Movies

Sponsored by: Spy Hop
Have you ever wondered how computer generated images are integrated with video footage? Learn how to combine live footage and 3D objects! We will demonstrate how to use After Effects to camera-track footage, add a 3D object from Maya, and then export a video with the 3D object. Whoo-hoo!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Sponsored by: Adobe
Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps - and they’re always up to date - so you can turn your brightest ideas into your greatest work across your desktop and mobile devices.

AQUARIUMS: Not Just For Fish!

Sponsored by: Living Planet Aquarium
Could you train a dragon, if you had one? Would you know how to even take care of one? Join the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium’s education team for some animal edu-tainment. Don’t expect to see fish, but be prepared for some other scaly, slimy and even furry critters to help us introduce you to the world of animal education. Join us for water quality tests, animal presentations, and even learn to train your classmates! Come explore, discover, and learn with us as we dive into the world of animal care, training, and education.

Become a Civil Engineer

Sponsored by: University of Utah Civil Engineering
Design your own paper boat. Participants will compete to build a paper boat that has the ability to hold the most weight in water.

Biotechnology and Forensics: Use of Science and Technology to Help Solve Crimes

Sponsored by: UVU Biology
Biotechnology applies biological systems to technologies designed to improve humanity. It has many applications ranging from developing pharmaceuticals, creating biofuels from novel sources, personalized medicine, conservation and biodiversity, creation of genetically-modified foods (GMOs), geneaology, and forensics. In this workshop, students will study and participate in some of the techniques that forensic scientists use to help solve crimes. You will be introduced to a variety of topics to help you understand the biology behind crime-solving techniques such as DNA structure and isolation, genetics, chemistry, and physiology. We will then analyze a “crime” scene and try to identify the perpetrator.

Changing the World thru Robotics

Sponsored by: Learning Thru Robotics
Explore the future through robotics - a hands on imaginative field. You will get to try your hand at programming, robots and sensors throughout the workshop.

Computing Like A Hacker

Sponsored by: Coding Campus
Computers are machines built by humans. They follow our commands and have zero emotions. But whenever it responds to me typing "Thank You" with "You're Welcome", I shiver. Come learn more about how to communicate with your computer the way hackers do in our favorite tv shows with: the Command Line.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: The Chemistry of Diamonds

Sponsored by: US Synethics
Come learn about the amazing properties of diamonds, learn how we make diamonds and their many industrial and cosmetic uses.  See gem diamonds of fancy pink, blue, green and purple.  You may even walk away with your own diamond!

Drip, Drop, Dunk

Sponsored by: BYU Fluids Group
Do you like playing with water? The students and professors in the BYU Fluids Group sure do, and we want to bring our world to you! Why can some animals run on water but we sink? Why does the water coming out of your shower head look like a smooth stream at first and then become little drops before it hits you in the face? And do you know how to keep an object completely dry, no matter how much water you throw at it? We do! Come and learn our watery secrets and explore some of them for yourself!

Electricity in Your Body

Sponsored by: UVU Behavioral Science
We will briefly talk about how our body uses electricity to regulate everything our bodies are capable of doing. Subsequently, we will conduct hands-on demonstrations during which students will have a chance to experience the body’s electricity.

Engineering Polymers for Medical Devices

Sponsored by: Merit Medical Systems
Polymers are large molecules made of repeating subunits and make up many materials we use in everyday life. Polymers play a huge role in building life-saving medical devices used in medical procedures. It’s our job as engineers in the medical device field to create products that help people recover from illnesses and life healthy lives. Engineering the materials that make up medical devices is one way to create devices with optimal performance. This workshop will cover materials science and engineering and how engineers use these engineering fundamentals to create all kinds of devices. We will discuss polymers and how they can be engineered to exhibit specific properties, and then students will get to engineer their own polymer slime.

Explore the World of Animation with Infinity Avatar

Sponsored by: Disney
This workshop will provide a high level overview of what it takes to bring a Disney Infinity video game character to life. Then, we will work together with the class to improve a game mechanic and make it more fun!

FIRST Utah Robotics!

Sponsored by: FIRST
Explore a world of creativity, teamwork and excitement through FIRST Utah Robotics! Programs including FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Robotics Competition are right out your back door and host competitors from all around the world! Join us for an exciting look at an addictive phenomena that is quickly becoming THE sport to play.

Flight Simulation-Free to Explore the Universe

Sponsored by: Rockwell Collins
Come explore the amazing world of flight simulation. This workshop will be run by six women engineers who create simulation technology that trains the pilots we all count on. We will take a brief glance into the path that each engineer took to arrive at their exciting diverse career destinations. We’ll explore what STEM degrees are required to create simulation solutions. Working in small groups with these women engineers you will learn more about flight simulators and the constantly emerging technology that is required to develop these critical solutions that make the world a safer place. Come learn about the simulation solutions that train the commercial pilots that transport us around the world, astronauts and our military pilots. Fly around the same simulation environments that are used to train them all. Bottom line, learn that STEM is fun!

Food Science & Technology - Exploring the Wonderful, Tasty World of Confectionery Science

Sponsored by: Sweet Candy
Shopping should be simple and delightful, whether in a store or online. With 250 million daily site searches on eBay, the design of the user experience becomes even more critical to support as much of a custom-fit shopping experience as possible. Learn how to use User Experience Design to help shoppers find the perfect match for purchases.


Sponsored by: MATC
You live in a world surrounded by technology; wouldn't it be great to learn how that technology works and how YOU can tell it what to do?! Join us for a fun and exciting session to learn how easy it is to write your own CODE! This session is HAND-ON, FUN and Exciting. Come learn how much fun it is when girls (code)!

Invention Summit

Sponsored by: The Leonardo
Have you ever wanted to discover new worlds, cure disease or help people live life to the fullest? With creativity as your guide and innovation as your ally, join us on a quest to discover how inventors make all of these things possible. Tinker and build alongside staff from The Leonardo museum as we explore the overlap of creativity and engineering. Anyone can be an inventor, and who knows; maybe your next big idea is what the world has been waiting for!

It's Your Body, What Do You Know About It?

Sponsored by: UVU Biology
In this workshop we will investigate the anatomy of the human body by studying high-quality anatomical models

Light it Up

Sponsored by: Thanksgiving Point
Come learn about circuitry, explore LEDs, and design and build your own paper circuits. You will make observations, conduct tests, make inferences, and record and discuss your findings. After you have gathered all of this data and information, you will apply it by making your own light up circuit craft. You may choose to build light up origami, or make 3D pop up cards. Impress others with your knowledge and skills regarding conductivity, voltage, and parallel and series circuits.

Made in Your Own Backyard

Sponsored by: UVU
See how products are made using today's manufacturing technologies. A hands-on activity will introduce participants to the tricks of how modern products are made and assembled. You probably don't realize what common everyday merchandise is made in your own state of Utah, from airplanes to iPhone memory. Participants will create their own product that they can take with them.

MATH + ORIGAMI = The Odds are Always in Favor of FUN

Sponsored by: UVU Mathematics
Do you like to get "dirty" with Origami and coloring? Then attend this hands-on Oragami workshop and learn how to use math to make an amazing 3-colored dedecahedron origami Buckyball! While you are making your Buckyball, you'll learn about planar graphs, Hamiltonian circuits, and 3-edge coloring. Impress your friends with your Buckyball and the math behind it!

Nothing Fits Better Than a Perfect Pair of Genes

Sponsored by: BioEyes
Have you ever wondered why your hair is straight or curly, or what makes your eyes blue or brown? It is your genes! Come and learn about genetics using zebrafish. Conduct an experiment to determine what genes zebrafish adults have by examining their offspring (babies). See the beating heart of a baby zebrafish and learn why zebrafish make excellent models for human development. Unleash your inner scientist!

Obstacles & Motives for Women in Engineering

Sponsored by: Northrop Grumman
This workshop helps you understand the importance of women in engineering and explains that the engineering profession is definitely a choice available to all of us. Talk about a few examples of successful engineers in the aerospace instrustry. I found that women choose engineering because they want to make sure they are making a difference. We can all make a difference together!

Pick Your Place in Technology

Sponsored by: Ancestry
Did you know that working in technology is not just coding? You don’t have to be a scientist or mathematician, you just have to be creative with the drive to get things done. Let us show you all the different roles you can play in the tech industry that help bring technology to the masses. From research and engineering to product management and email marketing, you’ll see why we love the tech industry and why we know there is a place for you! This is a fun, interactive session to prepare you for the diversity of roles available to you in technology.

Play-Well Teknologies with LEGO, Conveyor Belt Challenge

Sponsored by: Canyons School District
Using LEGO we will team up and discover new ways to make pieces come to life. With motors, axles, and gears we will build a conveyor belt and then take the challenge to turn it in different directions.

Programming a Jet Pack!

Sponsored by: Spyhop
Learn how to program a jet pack in Javascript with the Unity3D game development software. Learn basic programming concepts and get access to all of the scripts including: 2D character movement script, jet pack script and UI script. You will also learn how to add sound effects!

Satellites: Experimenting with Sensors on Earth and Space

Sponsored by: Ardusat
Millions of people all over the world are using Arduino, an open source microcontroller platform to build innovative tools like thermostats, robots, and motion detectors. Arduinos have even been sent to space on satellites!

Scientist for a Day!

Sponsored by: Nelson Labs
Here at Nelson Laboratories, we test medical devices. Everything from a band aid to an artificial heart—we test these products to show they are safe for us to use! Come learn about the microorganisms we look for, and a hands-on demonstration of how we test these devices. We will have lab coats for you to wear as you walk through a day at Nelson Laboratories.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Exploring Properties of Light and Color

Sponsored by: UVU Physics
Light and how it interacts with materials is fundamental to our daily lives. It bends in transparent materials. It can be absorbed or reflected off of surfaces. These principles can explain how rainbows are created and how lenses are used to correct near and farsightedness and for magnification in microscopes and telescopes. Light can be scattered by small particles, which is why the sky is blue and sunsets are orange. White light is composed of all the colors, but our eyes have three different types of color receptors, allowing us to simulate white light with computer screens and fluorescent bulbs. This presentation will include numerous demonstrations. We will also build spectrometers that can be used with smart devices to analyze various light sources. Similar techniques are employed to determine what elements are present in stars.

Surgical Technicians: On The Cutting Edge

Sponsored by: MATC
Surgical Technicians are a member of the operating room team. Surgical Techs stand by the surgeons and hand them the instruments. They also ensure that all of the instruments, equipment, supplies and team members follow aseptic/ sterile technique

The Composite Closet

Sponsored by: MATC
Come learn about the composites industry and see what we make! From lipstick cases to space ship parts, we do it all!

The Wonders of Exercise Science

Sponsored by: UVU Exercise Science/Outdoor Rec
A demonstration of various exercise science techniques

Trade in Your Toys for a Career in Digital Media

Sponsored by: UVU Digital Media
Learn more about digital media careers then create a video with props and music to demonstrate your new digital media skills.

Up, Up and Away

Sponsored by: Hill AFB
Join us as we explore flight and rocketry by testing Bernoulli’s Principal, experimenting with straw rockets, and flying remote controlled model planes up, up, (but hopefully), not away.

Verizon's Network and Technology- Not Just Phone Service

Sponsored by: Verizon
During this workshop you will be introduced to the Technology and Network behind making your cell phone work. Also, you will learn about how the Network technology is moving from just cell phone service to more advanced projects and services, such as machine and diagnostic applications.

We Have All Kinds of Energy

Sponsored by: Questar Gas
A Presentation on Oil, Gas Engineering


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