Media Copyright Concerns

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Media Copyright Concerns

Music: (for integration into multimedia or video projects)

Included in this category are records, cassette tapes, CDs, and audio clips on the Web. It is a violation of copyright laws to 
use any music, stock video, film and photographs, physical likeness or art work in a student or professional productions
without the written permission of the copyright owner/and or performers. Industry standard clearance forms are available 
in production classes at UVU. Copyright cleared production music is available for UVU Digital Media students use and is 
housed on a digital media server. Faculty can help students gain access to production music libraries.

Under fair use guidelines, teachers and students may reproduce, perform, and display as part of a multimedia program
produced by an educator or students up to 10 percent of a copyrighted musical composition. Specifically, a maximum of 30
seconds per musical composition may be used. Also, the multimedia program must have an educational purpose.


Video: (for integration into multimedia or video projects)
Included in this category are videotapes, DVDs, laserdiscs, multimedia encyclopedias, QuickTime Movies, video clips from 
the Internet. Students “may use portions of lawfully acquired copyright works in their academic multimedia,” which is defined 
as 10 percent or 3 minutes (whichever is less) of “motion media.” The material must be legally acquired (purchased or home 
recorded). All copyrighted works included in multimedia projects must give credit to the copyright holder.


Video: (for viewing)
Included in this category are videotapes (purchased or rented), DVDs, and laserdiscs. Teachers may use these materials in 
the classroom under fair use guidelines. Copies may be made for archival purposes or to replace lost, damaged, or stolen 
copies. However, the material must be legally acquired, used in a classroom or nonprofit environment “dedicated to face-to-face 
instruction,” and be instructional (not for entertainment or reward). Copies may be made only if replacements are unavailable at 
a fair price or in a viable format.

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