A good means of testing your knowledge about copyright is to consider some scenarios you or others could end up in. The purpose of this area is to share some sample scenarios. Check out our areas: library, teaching, work for hire, intellectual property & OpenCourseWare, and Web/Internet or suggest additional areas or content.

View the September/October 2007 Copyright Scenario Submission Contest Results (rtf). The winner of the competition was entry #13 by Jung-Jae Park. A special thank you to all who participated!

If you have scenarios you would like added to this list, please contact the Copyright Committee Chair Jacques d'Emal at Jacques.Demal@uvu.edu

Real Deal Copyright Scenarios

Also check out the copyright scenarios at http://www.thecopyrightsite.org/scenarios/ for some very good examples that are tied to real legal cases (referenced in the answer to each scenario)