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Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

The College of Science builds the scientific economy and scientific literacy of the Wasatch Front region and beyond.  We carry out this mission by offering academic degrees, certificates, and courses, including service and general education courses, and opportunities for collaborative research by students and faculty, in an atmosphere which encourages innovation and which creates opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to attain their personal and professional goals.



The College of Science seeks to:

  • Develop and deliver courses and programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills required to enter and succeed in scientific professions, or to continue into graduate and professional studies.
  • Stimulate learning and improve knowledge retention through use of engaging and inclusive teaching methodologies.
  • Augment teaching with engaged learning opportunities outside the classroom. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, faculty-mentored student research, internships, service learning, and extracurricular field experiences.
  • Maintain faculty expertise in their disciplines through facilitating research, and in teaching methods through facilitating participation in pedagogical training.
  • Enhance student degree completion though effective advising.
  • Promote science and science education, and recruit students into science, through engagement with the K-12 community and the public at large.
  • Develop understanding and support among the constituencies of the College of Science, through fund development, corporate and community partnerships, and alumni & parent relations, in order to secure the resources required to fulfill the College’s mission.
  • Implement a marketing communications program focusing on consistent messages and identity through publications, advertising, social media, and online communication.


Each department within the College has established a mission statement, philosophy and objectives which guide the curriculum, student activities and faculty activities.




Jamie Winn
Administrative Support

Office: SB 241
Phone: (801) 863-6441 


Mailing Address:

College of Science - MS 299
800 W. University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058


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For individual phone numbers and email addresses, visit our office directory.

College of Science Advisory Board

The UVU College of Science Advisory Board provides guidance on the development and maintenance of academic programs in the College, helps the College develop connections with leaders within our community, and advocates for the College. The Advisory Board members are themselves leaders within the Utah Valley community. The members were chosen for their proven insight and experience relevant to science education and careers.

Following is a list of the UVU College of Science Advisory Board members:


  • Brent Bargeron
  • Virginia Bayer
  • Carl Black
  • Greg Craner
  • Bill Evenson
  • Daniel Fairbanks
  • Dave Fairbanks
  • John Gappmayer
  • Tami Goetz
  • Daren Heaton
  • Mark Hiatt
  • Tracy Hill
  • Daniel Horns
  • Duane Jeffery
  • Mike Lee
  • Jim Murphy
  • Sam Rushforth
  • Nancy Smith
  • Lucille Stoddard
  • Jeff Taylor
  • Richard Tolman
  • John Unice
  • Carol Walker
  • Scott Woodward