UVU College of Science Advisory Board

The UVU College of Science Advisory Board provides guidance on the development and maintenance of academic programs in the College, helps the College develop connections with leaders within our community, and advocates for the College. The Advisory Board members are themselves leaders within the Utah Valley community. The members were chosen for their proven insight and experience relevant to science education and careers.

Following is a list of the UVU College of Science  Advisory Board members:

  • Brent Bargeron          
  • Virginia Bayer           
  • Carl Black                  
  • Greg Craner               
  • Bill Evenson              
  • Daniel Fairbanks        
  • Dave Fairbanks          
  • John Gappmayer       
  • Tami Goetz                
  • Daren Heaton             
  • Mark Hiatt                   
  • Tracy Hill                  
  • Daniel Horns             
  • Duane Jeffery            
  • Mike Lee                    
  • Jim Murphy                 
  • Sam Rushforth          
  • Nancy Smith               
  • Lucille Stoddard          
  • Jeff Taylor                   
  • Richard Tolman         
  • John Unice                 
  • Carol Walker               
  • Scott Woodward