Welcome to the UVU College of Science

Welcome to the College of Science at Utah Valley University.  Our six departments are home to outstanding scientists and mathematicians whose passion for their disciplines is exceeded only by their desire to help students achieve their educational and career goals.  We know that science is more than a collection of facts and figures - it is a process by which we explore the world and make discoveries.  Our faculty and staff help students learn the process of discovery by building innovation and critical thinking into every class and by offering countless opportunities for faculty mentored student research.  Thanks to the skills and knowledge developed in their classes and through their research, our graduates acquire the tools they need to excel in the workplace and in graduate programs.  We are proud to know that the alumni of the UVU College of Science are making a positive difference in the world by helping to keep our communities safe and healthy and by building the scientific economy of Utah and beyond.


To learn more about our academic programs, please visit the College of Science web page and the web pages for our six departments: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Exercise Science & Outdoor Recreation, Mathematics, Physics. To learn more about our resources to support academics and research, please see our Student & Faculty Resources page.