Letter to COS students regarding credit/no credit – Spring 2020

Dear UVU College of Science student

In deciding whether to receive a letter grade or to change your status to credit/no credit for any of your courses for the Spring 2020 semester, please be aware that choosing credit/no credit may impact financial aid, requirements within your major, registration for follow-on courses, acceptance to certain programs at UVU, acceptance to graduate programs (including medical schools) and more elements of your education.  Below are some details of how changing to credit/no credit may impact your education.


  • Requirement to earn “credit”: For all classes in the College of Science1, if you change your status to credit/no credit you will receive credit only if your overall score in the class would have earned you a grade of C- or higher. If you earn a grade lower than C- you would not receive credit for the course
  • Aid Eligibility: If you are a recipient of Pell grants, loans, or scholarships, your eligibility for these forms of financial aid can change with CR/NC grades! See https://www.uvu.edu/financialaid/aid/grades.html for more information.
  • Requirements within your major: Some programs and majors are not compatible with CR/NC grades and absolutely require a traditional letter grade. Check with your major advisor for your specific courses.
  • Follow-on courses: Some of your current classes may be prerequisites for follow-on courses at UVU or elsewhere.  Many prerequisites require a minimum letter grade. CR/NC grades are not letter grades.  If you receive “credit” for a prerequisite course you may need to work with your major advisor to get an override to register for the follow-on course.
  • Requirements for acceptance to certain programs at UVU: If you are planning to apply to other programs at UVU (e.g., Nursing, Dental Hygiene), be aware that you may be required to receive a letter grade for classes that are prerequisites for those programs. Please check with advisors for any programs you hope to apply to.
  • Requirements for acceptance to graduate programs: If you are planning to apply to graduate programs (e.g., medical school, dental school, M.S. or Ph.D. programs), be aware that many of those programs have prerequisite courses and they typically require letter grades for those courses. While we'd like to think that schools around the state, nation, and world will be lenient for Spring 2020, no one can guarantee it.
  • Graduation GPA: How is your GPA? Are you just a little shy of the GPA requirement for graduation? While CR/NC grades don't hurt your GPA, they don't help it either. If you were banking on a GPA bump, that won't happen with CR/NC grading.
  • Course Transferability: We hope you stay at UVU, but if you plan to transfer your coursework to another institution, CR/NC grades may only be accepted as elective credit or may not be accepted at all.
  • All students: Before deciding to change to credit/no credit status in any of your classes, please consider all of the above, talk with your major advisor, and check with your teachers to determine your letter grade status.

For more information, please see the UVU Spring 2020 Grading website