College of Science Internship Coordinator

Brooke Bakker

Michelle Bastian

Internship Coordinator

Office: PS 201E
Phone: (801)863-5638
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Working with the students and faculty of UVU is the best part of being the Internship Coordinator for the College of Science.  I am passionate about the benefits of Internships for UVU students.  Internships give students opportunities to network with industry professionals, experience the job with a hands-on approach and get real world experience that is relative to their careers after their University learning.  Students that do one or more internships during their college career, are more likely to leave their studies with a job and with a job that pays thousands more than a student that does not invest in the Internship experience.   

Come talk to me about the kinds of Internship opportunities that will work with your major.  I can show you the job and internship platform that we use at UVU.  I will walk you through the process that you will follow to get Internship credit at UVU.  I will answer your questions as we work together to find the right Internship experience for your career goals.

Internships-don’t leave UVU without one!

Michelle Bastian