February 10, 2016 Lisa Abegglen, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Hci Joshua Schiffman Lab,
University of Utah
Evolution's solution to cancer risk: Guardians of the elephant genome
January 27, 2016 Richard Terry, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Science, BYU
Sacred Cacao Groves of the Maya: Soil Biomarkers of Ancient Agriculture
February 20, 2015 Dr. David Carrier
Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Utah
The Anatomical Basis of Aggression in Hominins: Did human nature always have a dark side?
February 21, 2013 Dr. Daniel Fairbanks
Professor of Biology
Utah Valley University

Dr. Haagen Klaus

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Utah Valley University
The Priestess of Chornancap: The History & Sculptural Facial Reconstruction of an Ancient Peruvian Ruler
January 24, 2013 Dr. Carl Black, MD
Interventional Radiology and
Vascular Radiology
Advances in Image-Guided Therapies
September 19, 2012 Dr. Laura Bridgewater
Chair, Dept. of Microbiology & Molecular Biology
Brigham Young University
Cancer, Dementia, & Muscle Function: A Potential Genetic Connection
March 8, 2012 Dr. Bob Palais
Professor of Mathematics
Utah Valley University
Mathematics & Molecular Medicine
February 8, 2012 Dr. Alan Rogers
Professor of Anthropology
University of Utah
The Evidence for Evolution
January 12, 2012 Dr. Nalini Nadkarni
Professor of Biology
University of Utah
Life in the Treetops: Prisoners, Preachers, & Poets as Partners in Understanding the Forest Canopy
November 10, 2011 Dr. Barry Bickmore
Professor of Geological Sciences
Brigham Young University
How to Avoid the Truth About Climate Change
November 9, 2011 Dr. John Butler
NIST Fellow & Group Leader
Forensic DNA
Forensic DNA & DNA Databases: an Introduction to the Use & Issues of DNA Typing
October 11, 2011 Tami Goetz
Science Advisor
Utah State Governor's Office
Science: The Future of Utah
February 11, 2011 Dr. Minqi Li
Assistant Professor, Economics
University of Utah
China, Peak Oil, & Climate Change
January 13, 2011 Dr. Scott Miller
Professor of Radiology
University of Utah
Medical Breakthroughs using Nanotechnology to Treat Osteoporosis and other Sketal Diseases
November 11, 2010 Dr. Brian Moench
President & Founder
Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment
Smothering Utah's Future:
The Pollution Consequences of climate, growth, and energy development
October 7, 2010 Steve Wasserbaech
Physics Professor
Utah Valley University
Exploring a new frontier of particle with the Large Hadron Collider
September 9, 2010 Benjamin Jackson
Patent Counsel
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
The Great "Gene Patent" Debate: The Side you haven't heard
March 24, 2010 Dr. Greg Craner
Central Utah Medical Clinic
Evidence-Based Medicine: You Bet Your Life!
February 18, 2010 Judge John E. Jones III
United States District Court Judge
Middle District of Pennsylvania
Our Constitution's Intelligent Design
September 17, 2009 Dr. Eugenie Scott
Executive Director
National Center for Science Education
Evolution and Creationism:
Historical, Scientific, & Religious Perspectives