Am I a Good CPL Candidate?

Credit for Prior Learning is for adult learners who have gained significant knowledge, skills and abilities outside the traditional classroom that may be equivalent to college-level coursework. Credentialed faculty in each discipline will establish the course criteria and assess fulfillment to determine credit awarded. Open the below self-assessment checklist to help determine if Credit for Prior Learning is a good option.

Self-assessment checklist
  • I am a fully admitted student to Utah Valley University. If you're not, start the process by applying today.
  • Have I had at least 3 years of experience in the field/subject area?
  • Have I managed other people at work or a volunteer organization?
  • Can I demonstrate that I possess current knowledge from my past experience?
  • Do I have extensive volunteer or community involvement that utilizes my professional skills?
  • Have I learned progressively more advanced or complex processes in my job, travel, or volunteer work?
  • Can I differentiate what I have learned from the experience and align it with the course learning outcomes?
  • Do I understand both the practical and theoretical applications of the course?
  • Do I have documentation to support my learning such as: licensure, certification, presentations, software code, work examples, etc.?
  • Is there room for the course(s) in my program of study?
  • Have I completed non-credit college courses?
  • Am I or was I a member of the armed forces?
  • Have I lived in a foreign country and/or traveled extensively?

If you answered yes to most of the questions in the self-assessment checklist, CPL may be a good option.

Student wearing green UVU shirt looking out window.

Fill out the questionnaire below to begin the CPL Process. The information from the questionnaire will help a team be able to guide you through your CPL experience. Once your responses are reviewed, our team will reach out to you with additional information.