Our Purpose

Our advisors will help you:

Create degree plans

Assist in finding campus resources

Provide guidance in career advising

We are here to assist you. We can help if you are having difficulties in class or need direction towards graduation.

We recommend meeting at least once a semester. Make an appointment at any point, the earlier in the semester, the better.



Schedule an Appointment


All new freshman and transfer students with less than 30 credits (interested in Criminal Justice or National Security Studies) must meet with a counselor in the

First Year Advising Center, located on the main campus in LC 402. 

ALL students interested in Forensic Science - MUST meet with our Forensic Science advisor (WB 116).

The Criminal Justice advisors are assigned according to the student's last name. 

Students are seen by appointment only.

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Challenge Credit

Earning Prior Learning Credits is possible. See UVU web page Transfer Credit and UVU Policy 522 for additional explanation and details.

The following courses will be available Fall 2020 for Challenge Credit

  • CJ 1010 Intro to CJ
  • CJ 1300 Intro to Corrections
  • CJ 1330 Criminal Law
  • CJ 1340 Criminal Investigations
  • CJ 1390 Intro to Policing
  • CJ 2330 Juvenile Justice

Please see the Course Catalog for a description of each of the classes.

Know Before You Go

Come to appointments prepared with questions and/or topics to discuss in order to participate fully in the advising experience.

  • Financial aid is available by applying for general university scholarships and college-specific scholarships
  • Declare any major in the Criminal Justice Department by meeting with an academic advisor
  • Forensic Science offers an emphasis in Laboratory or Investigation
  • New students interested in Forensic Science, please declare AS Criminal Justice degree on your application.

Planned Schedule

Please note, enrollments may necessitate the cancellation of individual classes.

Therefore, this schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Key for Class Delivery

Our classes are delivered as follows:

D Day class (held on a specific day and time)
E Evening (held on a specific evening and time)
X Online
H Hybrid (combination of face-to-face on a certain day/time and online)
SD Sufficient Demand
A 1st block
B 2nd Block

Criminal Justice Courses

 Course #  Course Title Fall Spring Summer
CJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice DEX(B) DEX D(A)X
CJ 1300 Introduction to Corrections D(B)X  DE  X
CJ 1330 Criminal Law DEX DEX X
CJ 1340 Criminal Investigations DEX DEX X
CJ 1350 Introduction to Forensic Science DEX EX D
CJ 1390 Introduction to Policing D(A)X DEX X
CJ 1800 POST Module 1 E E E
CJ 1810 POST Module 2 E E E
CJ 2110 Security Management and Loss Prevention X SD SD
CJ 2200 Report Writing X D D
CJ 2330 Juvenile Justice DX DEX X
CJ 2350 Laws of Evidence DX DEX X
CJ 290R Law Society E E  
CJ 2920 Short Course Workshop SD SD SD
CJ 3020 Police Administration   DX E
CJ 3040 Community Policing EX   X
CJ 3060 Corrections in the Community X X  
CJ 3100 Criminal Profiling E    
CJ 3140 Corrections Law   SD  
CJ 3270 Criminology EX DX  
CJ 3300 Victimology DX EX X
CJ 3310 White Collar Crime SD SD SD
CJ 3320 Crime and Gender X    
CJ 3330 Financial Crimes Investigation D E  
CJ 3340 Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System SD X SD
CJ 3360 Prisons-Contemporary Issues and Dilemmas   D  
CJ 3400 Drugs and Crimes DX EX  
CJ 3600 Psychology of Emergency Services SD SD SD
CJ 4060 Special Problems in Criminal Justice DX X  
CJ 4160 Constitutional Criminal Rights DX EX E
CJ 4200 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice EX D E
CJ 4250 Criminal Justice Career Strategies EX DX  
CJ 445G Human Factors in Emergency Management  SD SD SD
CJ 470G Comparative Criminal Justice Systems EX D  X
CJ 475R Current Topics in Criminal Justice     SD
CJ 481R Internship X X X
CJ 487R CJ Field Experience  SD SD SD
CJ 4880 Qualitative Research Methods in Criminal Justice DX DE X
CJ 491R Direct Reading Special Projects SD SD D
CJ 4990 Criminal Justice Senior Seminar H(D)X H(D)X

Forensic Science Courses (Most classes limited to 12 students enrolled per section)

 Course #  Course Title Fall Spring Summer
FSCI 3300 Forensic Photography  D D D(SD)
FSCI 3400 Criminalistics DE DE  
FSCI 3500 Footwear/Tire Mark Impression Evidence & Examination    E E(SD)
FSCI 3540 Forensic Trace Analysis I  D DE?  
FSCI 3550 Forensic Trace Analysis II    SD  
FSCI 3600 Forensic Anthropology  D    
FSCI 3700 Fingerprint Processing DE D  
FSCI 3720 Fingerprint Examination    E  
FSCI 3780 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis  E E  
FSCI 3820 Crime Scene Investigation Techniques I  D D E(SD)
FSCI 3830 Crime Scene Investigation Techniques II  D D  
FSCI 3850 Marijuana Identification Certificate     E
FSCI 3860 Forensic Microscopy  D D  
FSCI 3880 Expert Witness Professional Practices   E  
FSCI 4000 Firearms Examination  E E  
FSCI 4100 Forensic Pathology D    
FSCI 4200 Medicolegal Death Investigations   H  
FSCI 443R Directed Research in Forensic Science SD SD SD
FSCI 475R Forensic Science Special Topics SD SD SD
FSCI 481R Forensic Science Internship X X X
FSCI 491R Directed Readings and Special Projects  in FS SD SD SD
FSCI 4990 Forensic Science Capstone Course  D D  

National Security Studies Courses

 Course #  Course Title Fall Spring Summer
NSS 2010 Introduction to National Security  D D X
NSS 301R National Security Area Studies DE D X
NSS 3050 Intelligence Community D D X
NSS 4210 Law of War D   X
NSS 4250 National Security Career Strategies      D
NSS 4300 Intelligence Cycle and Collections D    
NSS 4400 Statecraft and Strategy   D  
NSS 4600 National Security Law D D X
NSS 475R Current Topics in National Security D D X
NSS 4800 Intelligence Analysis and Tradecraft   D  
NSS 481R National Security Internship X X X
NSS 491R Directed Readings and Special Projects in NSS D D  
NSS 4990 National Security Capstone Seminar D D