Darkness to Light

Faculty and staff of the Criminal Justice Department teach the Darkness to Light training module to some of our Introduction to Criminal Justice classes. This facilitator-led program allows students to obtain a certificate of completion for awareness, identification, and prevention towards victims of child sexual abuse. The Darkness to Light Program can be found at www.d2l.org. Below is the information regarding the mission and goals of this program:

Empower People to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

This program raises awareness of the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse by educating adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.

We Believe

Overcoming child sexual abuse requires us to change the rules, systems, and structures surrounding children so that the potential of every child can be realized.

When prevention is a priority, only then can we eliminate child sexual abuse.

Our Commitment

We will equip adults and organizations with the knowledge and skill needed to effectively protect children from sexual abuse TODAY.

We will empower people to act in the best interest of children.

What we Do

We challenge the notion of child sexual abuse as a societal taboo by encouraging communities to talk about risk, prevention, and child protection.

We address the urgent need for education that protects children and provides a catalyst for broader societal change.

We enable youth serving professionals, child advocates, parents, and communities to apply knowledge and skill to child protection, allowing them to become a dynamic force.

When people have the knowledge and skill to stand up for children...and when they are empowered to overcome the fear, denial, stigma, and obstacles around standing up for children, they WILL choose the child.


Dr. Marcy Hehnly conducts training on the Darkness to Light program raising awareness, identification and prevention of child sexual abuse. Should you or an outside organization you are affiliated with want to have this training conducted, please contact Dr. Hehnly at marcy.hehnly@uvu.edu

Darkness to Ligh

Darkness to Light