Washington D.C. and Philadelphia Pennsylvania
CJ 491 R Directed Study Course

This course offers independent study as directed in reading, individual projects, etc., at the discretion and approval of the department chair.

Students registered for this course will travel to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia Pennsylvania to have a firsthand perspective of various organizations related to this field of study. Students will attend National Police Week, visit various events during this time directly associated with this week, and visit the Supreme Court, DEA Museum, Constitution Center, East State Penitentiary, and many other national landmarks associated with their learning process in criminal justice.

This trip will also include a Global/Intercultural perspective. This requirement will foster greater understanding of, interaction with, and appreciation for, cultures that reflect the diversity present within the local and campus communities, up to the larger state and global context. This trip will articulate and examine the unique perspectives of law enforcement, experiences and concerns of individuals and groups representing this subculture. This understanding and appreciation will both enhance the educational experience of students and facilitate their preparation to participate as active, informed, respectful citizens.

The objectives for this course include:

  • Discuss the differences between state, local and federal criminal justice agencies.
  • Discuss the current climate of law enforcement throughout the United States.
  • Examine the historical correctional facilities to present day.
  • Evaluate the differences between lower level courts, intermediate courts, and the Supreme Court.
  • Analyze the juvenile justice system and the handling of juvenile offenders.
  • Identify homeland security measures during national events.
  • Analyze and evaluate global or intercultural issues.
  • Discuss stereotypical cultural conceptions and recognize the complexity and variety of different cultural groups.
  • Evaluate how one’s own cultural rules and biases compare and contrast with those from different cultures.

This course is held in a summer block, first block session ONLY in conjunction with National Police Week. This week is always scheduled as the second week in May on a yearly basis. Students must meet deadlines and requirements early in spring semester to attend.


For more information please contact Dr. Marcy Hehnly in EN-101 or at marcy.hehnly@uvu.edu