Financial Crimes

Criminal Justice Financial Crimes Course

The Criminal Justice Financial Crimes Course (CJ 3330) is designed to accomplish three objectives:

(1) To give students a solid background in Financial Crimes, Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Tax Evasion and to provide them with the ability to identify and investigate these crimes, making them more marketable for employment with law enforcement agencies and financial institutions;

(2) To acquaint students with banking procedures and federal banking and finance regulations;

(3) To provide students with enough background in financial crimes, money laundering and financial institution compliance and financial crime investigations, that will help them prepare for the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialist (ACFCS) certification exam**.

Our partnership with ACFCS provides the following benefits for students: Online access to the ACFCS course material (to be utilized during the CJ 3330 course); access to ACFCS webinars, podcasts, financial crime news and analysis resources and online exam preparation material; one year of ACFCS student membership and, for those who complete the course and take the certification exam within a two year period, a discounted exam fee of only $750.

Required Text:

1. The National  Money Laundering Risk Assessment - 2015 (NMLRA) (Free on the internet but is required for class. Duplication cost is about $7 at the UVU Copy Center

2. The Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual-2014(BSA/AML) (which is free on the internet, however the duplication fee is approximately $18 at the UVU Copy Center) AND

3. The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialist Manual-2014 (ACFCS). The ACFCS manual is required class and can be obtained from the UVU Copy Center (GT-516d) for approx. $14.00.

4. There is also a mandatory charge of $100.00 which must be paid directly to ACFCS for the use of their certification manual (Payment instructions will be provided to students only). This is in addition to tuition and regular fees.

**There are three other certification programs available. Each has a different emphasis. They are:

(1) Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS)

(2) Certified Fraud Examiner’s (CFE) certification, which UVU’s Accounting 312G helps prepare for; and

(3) Certified Internal auditor’s (CIA) certification, which UVU’s Accounting 2010 helps prepare for.

We selected the ACFCS certification course because we believe it most closely meets the needs of Criminal Justice students.

More Information

For more information on the benefits of this class and when it is offered please contact Matthew Duffin at 801-863-6896 or 

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