Skills USA

UVU SkillsUSA Competition

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry leaders working together to help students sharpen their workforce abilities through skills-based competitions every year. If you have developed skills in the areas of criminal justice or forensic science, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your abilities, promote the UVU name, and gain state and national recognition for yourself. For example, the criminal justice contest typically involves both a written examination and practical exercises to evaluate your knowledge of the field. The forensic science contest typically involves a written examination and practical exercises in crime scene investigation and other areas. Students from the UVU Criminal Justice Department participate in this prestigious competition every year and have won medals every time! Our own department chair, Matthew Duffin, coordinates our CJ student involvement in these events each year, so if you are interested please contact him before it is too late:, 801-863-6896. State competitions are held in late March/early April, and national competitions are held each June. 

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UVU SkillsUSA CJ and CSI Winners

State SkillsUSA Competition

In CJ UVU has won every medal for the last 8 years since starting

In Crime Scene UVU has won most of the medals the last 8 years since starting

National SkillsUSA Competition

2014 CSI Silver – Samantha Irving, Alyssa Cueva and Taylor Cabe

2014 Joshua Moody CJ Gold

2014 Jennifer Nakai CJ Gold

2011 James Skinner CJ Gold

2009 Brett Christensen CJ Gold