New Building for the College of Science and Health Programming Report

New Building Proposal

Our current science building is an 80,000 square foot facility (approximately 60,000 usable square feet) finished in 1989 as an entry-level science course building. Since that time the school has brought on 17 baccalaureate degree programs which require more sophisticated laboratory and teaching space. The college enrollment at the time of completion was 5,987 FTEs and a headcount of 7,758. The School of Science and Health in 2004 had 2,365 majors and an additional 20,000 non majors taking classes in the School of Science and Health, over four times the student load that was experienced when the building was constructed. With the transition to Utah Valley University in July 1, 2008 we anticipate even higher enrollments and more science and health majors in our new College of Science and Health.

We plan on the existing science building serving primarily as a classroom and laboratory area for chemistry, earth science and physics in conjunction with the proposed addition which will house biology, nursing, community health and dental hygiene (depending on available space). The proposed addition will be 160,000 square feet which will combine with the current building to result in a 230,000 square foot building. Even with this expansion the projected growth of UVU as estimated by the State Office of Education will find the space inadequate in 10-15 years.

The proposed 160,000 square foot addition to the current 80,000 square foot science building will include up-to-date laboratories appropriate for upper division and graduate work with the space available to all departments within the School. The building will also have offices, classrooms and lecture halls necessary for the greatly increased enrollment and expanded course work since 1989 and would serve the projected growth as estimated by the State.
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UVU Science Building Addition Document