UVU Student Construction Crews To Preserve Pioneer Home

Nov. 1, 2012

Last month student construction crews began building a replica of the Bunnell Pioneer Home, a 120-year-old structure, which had been at the bustling center of campus since the late 60s – when the school was Utah Technical College.

Though many community members, including the Bunnell family, did not want to see the old home be destroyed due to campus construction projects, UVU simply didn’t have the near half million needed to move the home somewhere else. 

Nonetheless, University Relations, in conjunction with UVU faculty members, as well as the Bunnell family, worked out the plan to preserve the memory of the old home in a replica near the Sparks Automotive Building. 

“We thought this would be an excellent project for students,” said Frank Young, Space Management director. “They are using their skills and knowledge to participate in preserving a piece of history.” 

He said the timeline for completion is such that student workers were able to use the project as an outdoor classroom during fall semester.

“I believe the students working on the project will have a feeling of accomplishment when they see the completed structure they helped create,” Young said.  “The house could have been gone for good, but a part of it will live on due to their efforts.”

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