CTE exposes programs to Latino students at summer retreat

June. 15, 2013

This summer CTE partnered with Prospective Students on the annual Pa’Alante Retreat to give regional Latino students an opportunity to see what was available to them in CTE.

Agustin Diaz, UVU recruiter who led the retreat, said they worked with high school counselors and instructors to target students who were currently struggling in high school. 

“We organized and carried out this event because we saw a tremendous need to work with local Latino students in our community who were not, by a systemic definition, considered as high achieving,” Diaz said. “We need to act on this sector of the population, otherwise they’ll continue on a downward trend.” 

The event took aim at creating an opportunity for the students to see how fun and engaging the college experience could be to them. Participants were able to establish a peer-to-peer connection along with a strong exposure to role models and available resources. 

“They need to see themselves in us, and in many ways we need to be reminded of us in them,” said Diaz, who also leveraged the help of Latino student-ambassadors to help run the event.

“Reaching out to special populations and providing students with an understanding of high demand technology-related industries is a key CTE department effort,” said Kim Chiu, CTE assistant director. “We are always looking for opportunities like these to expose students to the opportunities CTE has to offer

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