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Students Create First-response Team

Gage Eckles
Certificate Firefighter Recruit Candidate
Mountain View High School

I took my passion of pursing a career as a firefighter/paramedic and was able to perform as a paramedic at UVU. Earning my one-year Firefighter Recruit Candidate certificate opened further doors for me that led to my selection as an inaugural member of the UVU student-founded Emergency Response Team. Now Im responding to actual on-campus medical emergencies and helping students, faculty and staff.

My experience on the ERT this year is providing me with the valuable skills and practical know-how necessary to be hired on by one of Utahs fire/paramedic departments. Its well known in the industry that UVU has one of the better fire and medical academies around. Its nationally ranked, and the faculty are working professionals with local agencies.

My training at UVU not only gives me the expertise Ill need to respond to any fire or medical call, its giving me boots-on-the-ground background that will make me an asset to any emergency services department.