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Bringing a Digital Trade to Ancient Israel

Jordan Johnson
Associate of Applied Science in EDGT
Weber High 08

I learned a little about surveying during my time overseas with the Air Force, but it wasn't until I came to UVU that I really developed my skills. As a first-year student working toward an Associate of Applied Science degree, I traveled to Israel as part of a UVU partnership with Hebrew University to digitally map and survey an archeological site dating back thousands of years.

Located about 20 miles outside of Jerusalem, the Beit Lehi site is home to countless ancient subterranean chambers and tunnels, including olive presses, ceremonial baths and even a Byzantine chapel with the mosaic floor in tact. As part of the UVU project, I helped map the surface and subterranean areas to help the archeologists a in the excavation process. We also used a high-tech digital scanner to create 3D renderings of the underground chambers.

At UVU, Im learning how to use the latest technology to do incredible things. Its amazing that, as a first-year student, I got to travel to the other side of the world putting my skills to use on an incredible project.