• CTE Student Success
  • CTE Student Success
Practice makes perfect smiles

Kayli Doxey
Associate in Dental Hygiene
Gilbert (Arizona) High School

I used what I learned in my dental hygiene classes to give children dental exams, took X-rays, provided fluoride treatment and applied a sealant that protects teeth. This was part of Sealant Saturday, a yearly event that provides vital tooth-decay prevention services to those who would not otherwise receive treatment. The free clinic also included a patient waiting area complete with cartoons and a visit from the Tooth Fairy for the kids’ entertainment.

Sealant Saturday was a great experience for me to connect with the community and will help my career greatly in terms of experience in performing sealants and working with children. It also exposed me to the needs and the level of education within our community. There is a lack of knowledge surrounding oral health, and as well educated as many of us are in such things, others are not. As a hygienist, it is crucial to teach others those things in effort to improve their lives and health.

Not only did I engage myself in the community, but I also had the opportunity to refine and further develop skills I’ve learned. I feel better-prepared to enter the workforce.