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Shaylee Droubay
Associate in Applied Science in Photography
Lone Peak High School

While studying photography at UVU, my classmates and I took on the Capitol Reef Field Station as a client, photographing beautiful landscapes at the park with the specific goal of using the images in the station’s official marketing and décor. It’s fun to know that my work will be displayed on lobby walls, pamphlets, nature trail guideposts and more.

It was difficult to visit a place like Capitol Reef National Park and not simply go wild with my own artistic instincts, but for this project, I had to follow the vision and requests of the client. Learning to be creative within those constraints is a skill I simply had to learn if I wanted to be good. On the other hand, it was thrilling to take in a magnificent sunrise with the knowledge that if I captured it right, my work would be admired for years.

Providing a tangible product to a real client helped me learn how to better provide for clients in my own photography company.

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