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Danielle Bate
Bachelors in Nursing
Springville High School

I examined young children for rheumatic heart disease in the islands of Samoa and educated their parents on what to do if symptoms arise. As a senior studying nursing and specializing in cardiology at UVU, I used the information and training from my UVU classes when I visited Samoa, which has the highest rates of rheumatic heart disease in the world.

We visited elementary schools to teach children about rheumatic heart disease and how to recognize warning signs. We also examined them and shared that information with their parents along with information on what to do in case they see those warning signs. We also interacted with healthcare workers and observed clinical visits in local hospitals. This was such a valuable experience for me not only to reaffirm my career choice in nursing, but also to experience a different culture and way of life. It really opened my eyes how lucky I am.

Im in the field practicing skills Ive learned while also earning credit toward my nursing degree. I will leave UVU with valuable experience on my resume.

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