Esprit d.c.

Esprit d.c. group photo

Esprit d.c. is a performance-based course designed for students interested in gaining knowledge about Hip Hop culture, developing technical and performative skills, and further developing themselves as dance artists. This course provides students with opportunities to perform the works of professional choreographers (faculty and guests) in a variety of formal and informal settings. Dancers will engage with the choreographic process and have the opportunity to set choreography on company members.

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Auditions for 2023-2024:

7:00 PM / RL 154

  • Students interested will attend auditions which are held the first week of school. Those attending should plan on learning a piece of intermediate Hip Hop choreography which they will be asked perform in small groups.

    * If you have any improvisation, tumbling, or breaking skills, you will be given the opportunity to showcase those talents but will not be required to in order to audition.

  • Please arrive early enough to warm up and be ready to learn choreography by 7.
  • Students will be notified of the final company list within a few days, after which they will officially register for course.

Technical Training:

  • Company members will train in developing their knowledge and abilities in a variety of Hip Hop movement styles and techniques including Basic Fundamentals, Freestyling, Locking, House, Jazz Funk, etc. from professional pillars in the Hip Hop community.
  • They will work to further their performance skills, technical acuity, and personal artistry throughout the year.

Student Choreography:

  • The course will include instruction, guidance, and opportunities for students to develop compositional skills such as unique movement invention, structure development, intention refinement, and use of production elements.
  • Company members will engage with the choreographic process and will have the opportunity to audition to set their own work on company members.
  • All students will either choreograph or dance in at least one student work which they will perform at an end of year showcase.


  • Students will have the opportunity to take masterclasses and have work set on them by faculty and renowned professional choreographers.
  • Performance opportunities include informal showings for school events as well as an end of year showcase featuring both student and professional work.