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The UVU Department of Dance values engaged learning for our students. The department is prepared with 21stCentury approaches for teaching face to face, live streaming, or online courses in the fall. We do have a mixture of these courses and are working very hard this summer to make them as robust and engaged as possible for the students.

Face to Face (F2F): The class is held in person in a UVU classroom/studio on specific days and at its regularly scheduled time. Due to social distancing of 10 feet in studios, students in face-to-face classes will rotate between being in the classroom and participating via live stream. While group A of the class is present in the studio, group B (and possibly group C, depending on the size of the class) will be taking the class through a live stream from off campus. Every class will be recorded for those students who may not be able to take remotely at the time of the live class.

Live-streaming capability will allow students who are ill, at high risk, or uncomfortable coming to campus to participate in a F2F course.

The Department of Dance is concerned for the safety of the students that come to F2F courses on campus. To ensure the upmost safety of students and faculty that are in the dance studios the following guidelines will be instituted:

  • Masks will be required in all studios and classrooms.
  • Room capacities have been reduced to allow for social distancing
  • Everyone will be asked to check daily for symptoms and to remain off campus if symptomatic, having tested positive, or otherwise at high risk.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be in place after each class

Synchronous/Live Streaming: The class is held on specific days and at its regularly scheduled time, but students join from home (or from anywhere else, ideally off campus) on their computer or device. Students will participate in live class sessions and be able to interact with the instructor and other students on camera. These classes will not be held on campus at all.

Online Course: These courses will be delivered completely online through Canvas; the students will work independently and will not meet on a specific day or time.

I invite you register for the courses in the Department of Dance. If you have questions about registering, please contact the advisors in the School of Arts https://www.uvu.edu/arts/advisors/ or the UVU advisors. Feel free to contact the coordinators of Department of Dance programs; Nichole Ortega (Ballet), Chris Witt (Ballroom), Amy Markgraf (Dance Education), and Monica Campbell (Modern/Contemporary). If you have questions about a particular course, please contact the faculty member assigned to the course. They are working this summer to provide excellence in the classroom for the fall and may not have the information until early August.

UVU Department of Dance Fall 2020 Orientation Video

Provides important information on what instruction will look like this Fall in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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