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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission/Registration Questions

How do I sign up for Distance Education classes?

If you are a high school student, please refer to the High School page under the Current Student drop down menu. If you are a regular UVU college student, refer to the step-by-step instructions on our Registration page under the Current Student drop down.

I have a re-admit error when I try to register. What is this?

If you are a regular college student, this means that you took a semester off and are returning to UVU. Go to Admissions and select which admission application fits your situation. If you are a concurrent enrollment student, contact Distance Education 801-863-8255 to have this fixed.

Can I start online classes at anytime?

UVU online classes begin and end on the regular UVU semester. Most courses will have deadlines throughout the semester. Students that follow all deadlines even if they are suggested due dates are the most successful at completing the courses.

How do I access my online class and how does it work?

The first day of the semester you need to login to UVLink.  Click on the Canvas icon. Your class(es) will be listed under the Courses drop down. Select your class.  Here you will find things such as a course outline and syllabus, a welcome message, and lesson modules.  Homework is submitted through Canvas.  Also, online classes do not have regular meetings times as face-to-face classes do (i.e. meeting only from 9:00-11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday), but there will be deadlines throughout the semester.

I can no longer attend class because of a medical condition or family emergency. It is past the withdraw date. What do I do?

Contact your academic advisor and explain the situation. Your advisor will be able to provide you with the forms to petition a Withdraw if you have proper documentation of your situation.

Course Related

What browsers should I use to access Canvas?

Google Chrome is the best browser followed by Firefox. Apple's Safari and Microsoft's IE are not as compatible. You will want to make sure you are using the most updated version of whichever browser you are using.

I can't access the next section of my course. What do I do?

Usually this means there is a prerequisite set on the progression of the lessons. You must complete everything that is currently open to you before you can progress to the next section. Sometimes there is a quiz that you must complete with a certain percent correct before it will allow you to move on. Please contact our DE support line if you have further questions.

How do I contact my instructor?

Instructor contact information should be available in the syllabus information found in the course on Canvas. If you have any questions or concerns contacting the instructor, please contact the course specialist and they may be able to help facilitate a contact.

When do I contact the Course Specialist instead of the instructor?

The Course Specialist (CS) can help you with technical problems you may be having with Canvas, such as submitting an assignment. You should always contact the instructor first with any questions related to the subject of the course.

What should I do if my computer stopped working in the middle of a quiz?

Reboot your computer and log back into Canvas. See if it will let you start where you left off. If it won't, you will need to contact your instructor to ask if the quiz can be reset for you.

Can I take an exam early?

You must contact your instructor if you wish to take an exam before it is set to open.

My online exam requires a password. What do I do?

If an exam in your online course requires a password you will need to take your exam at the UVU testing center, or at a certified exam-proctoring site. See the Exam Proctoring webpage for step-by-step instructions.

Can you reopen a test or assignment for me?

You must contact your instructor if you need a test or assignment reopened. You can then forward the permission from the instructor to the course specialist if needed.

I am so far behind in my class. What can I do to catch up?

You will need to talk with the instructor to see if it is still possible to catch up or not. If it is possible to catch up, you may want to contact your academic advisor for suggestions on study tips and tutoring suggestions.

What if my grade is wrong?

Contact your instructor right away if your grade on an assignment or your final grade is missing or you believe it is wrong. Contact information can be found on your syllabus.


A-Z Help Topics



Academic Advising

Distance Education Support Services will help you with any of your course specific questions or concerns. If you require program advisement please contact your academic advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please refer to the main Academic Advisement website to find and contact the academic advisor for your major.

Academic Tutoring

Local Distance Education students have full access to UVU Academic Tutoring. Online tutoring will soon be available. Please see the Academic Tutoring website for further information.


Students wishing to take Distance Education classes must first be admitted to UVU through the regular admissions process.

Admissions - High School Concurrent Enrollment

Students wanting to sign up for high school concurrent enrollment classes and still need to become a UVU student, must to complete a separate online admissions application found on the Concurrent Enrollment website.


Canvas is the current Learning Management System (LMS) used for online course materials for UVU. Students can access the online components of their courses through UVLink by clicking on the Canvas icon in the upper right corner, or by using this link.

Canvas Quick Start Guide

You can access Canvas tutorials through their course guides page.


Some of our Live Interactive instructors utilize Clicker technology to collect assessment data in real-time during their classes. Students will need to purchase the clicker at the UVU bookstore. Used clickers from previous courses may also be used.   Instructors will demonstrate how to use them during the first few days of class.

Communication with Instructor

For most DE courses you will communicate with the instructor through Canvas Inbox which is also referred to as Conversations. Many instructors post in their syllabus how often they respond to student correspondence, and most instructors respond within at least two business days. Here is a tutorial to learn how to use Conversations Inbox.

Communication with other Students

You may be able to communicate with other students in your course on Canvas through Conversations Inbox, Discussions, and Chat.

Course Specialist

Each Distance Education course section is assigned a course specialist to assist with technical and logistical questions or concerns. Course specialists send emails through the UVLink system at the beginning of the semester to welcome students. To find out who is the course specialist for your class, click on the "Get Help" from the menu items in your course. Please be aware that course specialists cannot provide mentoring, advising or other academic support.


A CRN or Course Registration Number, is a 5-digit number that helps you register for the specific course you want. You can find the Distance Education section you want on our Course Listing and then simply type it into the Add/Drop worksheet when you register on UVLink.


Several UVU degree programs offer many of their courses through Distance Education course delivery modes. See our Courses and Programs tab to see which specific degree programs have at least 50% of their program offered through Distance Education delivery.


E-portfolios are used in some UVU courses to demonstrate the progression of students' work through a semester and to continue on through their college career. Refer to your course for instructions on how to use the type of e-portfolio that your instructor has chosen. If you have technical questions the course specialist assigned to your course will also be able to help you.

Exam Proctoring

Some Online courses require proctored exams, which can be taken at the UVU testing center or a certified exam proctor site.   General testing procedures can be found under our Exam Proctoring page.


Facilitators help deliver the Live Interactive courses at the UVU and high school distance sites. They make sure the students are able to participate in the courses by providing a successful learning environment, proctoring exams, transferring materials from the site to UVU, and managing the technical equipment.


Tuition and fees for Online, Hybrid and Broadcast courses are the same as regular tuition and fees for regular face-to-face classes.

Current tuition rates can be found on the UVU Tuition & Fees page.

Financial Aid

Online, Hybrid and Broadcast courses are eligible for regular financial aid. Please see the UVU Financial Aid website for information.

Global Aviation Program

Distance Education supports all the online general education courses utilized by the Global Aviation Program. The DE Support Team will be able to help you with any of your questions or concerns specifically related to the general education courses. Please see the Global Aviation website for program specific information and advising.

High School Concurrent Enrollment

High school students can take concurrent enrollment classes through UVU Live Interactive Distance Education.   Classes are taught on the UVU campus by UVU instructors and broadcast to participating High Schools in real time. All Admissions, Registration and program advisement information can be accessed on the Concurrent Enrollment website or on our DE High School page.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses meet in the classroom and online, allowing students to benefit from the best of both face-to-face and online instruction. DE Course Specialists are available to help with any technical questions you have for the online component of the course.


Live Interactive Courses


Live Interactive courses allow students to participate in classes real-time from a variety of regional sites via video-conferencing technology. Facilitators manage the off-campus site to ensure students are provided a classroom environment conducive to learning and the opportunity of a successful education experience.

Math Lab

Local Distance Education students have full access to the UVU Math Lab on the Orem Campus. Please see the Math Lab website for further information.

Online courses

Online courses offer convenient access to course materials and a variety of instructional media, as well as interactions with instructors and classmates using the latest technologies. Online courses follow the UVU semester with course deadlines throughout in order to provide a robust educational experience for students.


A limited number of TV Broadcast courses remain available for students to register for. They are broadcast at scheduled times throughout the semester on local cable and PBS channels. See the broadcast schedule in the Online component of the course on Canvas. Podcasts of the courses may be viewed here.


Re-Evaluation Packet

High School Concurrent Enrollments students participating in the Distance Education Live Interactive courses that receive a letter grade lower than a B- will receive a Re-Evaluation packet mailed directly to their home address. The purpose of this packet is to have the concurrent student seek additional advising before taking more college courses. The packet contains information on study skills and requires students to talk with parents and counselors. The completed Return Packet must be submitted to Distance Education by the first day of the new semester if the student wishes to continue taking UVU Distance Education Concurrent Enrollment classes.




Student registrations for hybrid, online, and broadcast courses are managed through the regular UVU registration and waitlist processes. After the waitlist timeframe is completed students must follow the instructor and academic department approval processes.


Registration - High School Concurrent Enrollment


High School Concurrent Enrollment students need to register at both their high school and on UVLink to be successfully registered for a Distance Education Concurrent Enrollment course. See our High School page for further instructions.


Section #s


Regular Distance Education course sections begin with an X for online, T for broadcast, 151-156 for the Live Interactive UVU campus sections, and V for the off-site campuses. Sections X51-X59 are designated for the Global Aviation and Emergency Services online distance programs.


Sophomore Packet


Exceptional high school sophomores can participate in some Distance Education Live Interactive classes. Sophomore students must complete the sophomore application and attach all requested documents. Sophomores must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or a composite ACT score of 22. Sophomores are also required to take the ACT or Accuplacer. These requirements are strictly enforced. Sophomore packets can be found at the Concurrent Enrollment website.


State Authorization


State colleges and universities must obtain authorization from other states in order to offer online classes throughout the country.  To view a list of states authorized for UVU online courses.

Submit an Assignment

Assignments are usually submitted online through Canvas.   Here is a Canvas tutorial that will help you learn how to submit an assignment.




Most of your courses will require additional course materials in the form of textbooks, website access codes, and clicker technologies. Some materials can only be purchased through the UVU Bookstore. We have posted updated Textbook Lists on our Current Students page.


Technical Support


Basic technical assistance is provided for any UVU faculty or students experiencing issues with the online component of their course. Please see our Contact Us page to find the right staff member to help you with your question.


Third Party Software


Some online courses use third party or publisher materials that navigate you away from Canvas. If you have technical questions within the third party materials you will need to contact either the instructor or the technical support for that website. Distance Education does not have access to provide the technical support for these external sites.




Tuition for Online and Broadcast courses is the same as regular tuition for on-campus classes, but you are not charged the regular on-campus fees. However, you are assessed a $52-per-course fee to help pay for Distance Education student and faculty services.

Current tuition rates can be found on the UVU Tuition & Fees page.




Local Distance Education students have full access to UVU Academic Tutoring. Online tutoring will soon be available. Please see the Academic Tutoring website for further information.


TV Courses


A limited number of TV Broadcast courses remain available for students to register for. Course lectures are broadcast at scheduled times throughout the semester on local cable and PBS channels, and online materials are provided on Canvas. See the broadcast schedule in the course on Canvas to find the times and channels.   You may also view convenient online videos of the courses here


See the UVU Veterans webpage for information on taking classes with veteran benefits.


The Waitlist feature is available when registration opens, and closes at midnight on the day before students are required to use Add Cards for late registration. Specific dates are noted on the Student Timetables (maintained by the Registrar's Office). Review this tutorial for further instructions.

Writing Lab

Local Distance Education students have full access to the UVU Writing Lab on the Orem Campus. Please see the Writing Center website for further information.


Forms & Resources
Forms & Resources