How To Register

Now that you are an admitted UVU student with a UV ID, you are ready to decide which Distance Education (DE) delivered courses are right for you and to register through the regular UVU registration process. Instructions and deadlines can be found at UVU's Registration page.

It is simple to distinguish regular DE courses from face-to-face classes by looking at the section number. Online sections begin with an X, Live Interactive UVU campus sections are numbered 151-156, and off-site campuses begin with a V. Sections X51-X59 are designated for the Global Aviation and Emergency Services online distance programs.

Step 1

Contact an advisor to set up your academic plan.

Academic Advisors help students create an academic plan to make the most of their

educational experience. Find your Advisor.

Step 2

Find your DE course sections.

Select Distance Education when searching our course listing. Make note of the 5-digit CRN of each course for easy registration.

Step 3

Register for classes on UVLink.

Login to UVLink and use the Registration Tools under Planning your Education. Simply type the CRN into the Add/Drop classes worksheet.